Prices 2019
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Sanger Sequencing
Sequencing reaction 7.4€/reaction 9.4€/reaction 11.4€/reaction 14€/reaction
Electrophoresis in plate 96 191€/plate 96 250€/plate 96 295€/plate 96 361€/plate 96
Electrophoresis in tube 2.65€/reaction 3.5€/reaction 4.1€/reaction 5€/reaction
DNA column purification 4.28€/reaction 5.4€/reaction 6.6€/reaction 8€/reaction
DNA EXOSAP purification 2.65€/reaction 3.5€/reaction 4.1€/reaction 5€/reaction
X-terminator + Electrophoresis 3.87€/reaction 4.9€/reaction 6€/reaction 7.3€/reaction
Other sequencing services Price negotiable
Sequencing NGS
Library Preparation
Nextera XT 99.5€/sample 126€/sample 154€/sample 188€/sample
RNAseq/TruSeq 162.5€/sample 206€/sample 251€/sample 307€/sample
Metagenomics 16S 48.5€/sample 61.5€/sample 75€/sample 91.6€/sample
RNAseq, small RNA, ChIPseq & Other services Price negotiable
MiSeq run 50 cicles 975€/run 1238€/run 1510€/run 1843€/run
MiSeq run 150 cicles 1076€/run 1366€/run 1667€/run 2033€/run
MiSeq run 300 cicles 1215€/run 1543€/run 1882€/run 2296€/run
MiSeq run 500 cicles 1348€/run 1711€/run 2088€/run 2548€/run
MiSeq run Nano 300 cicles 477€/run 605€/run 739€/run 901€/run
MiSeq run Nano 500 cicles 542€/run 688€/run 839€/run 1024€/run
MiSeq run Micro 300 cicles 619€/run 786€/run 959€/run 1170€/run
MiSeq run Micro 500 cicles 690€/run 876€/run 1069€/run 1304€/run
MiSeq run 600 cicles 1731€/run 2198€/run 2682€/run 3242€/run
Bioinformatic Analysis
Complete Metagenomic Analysis QIIME + R 489€ 621€ 757€ 924€
Additional Analysis QIIME + R 285€ 361€ 441€ 538€
Filtering+assembly de novo of small genome 280€ 350€ 420€ 525€
Filtering+assembly de novo of viral and plasmid genome 200€ 250€ 300€ 375€
Genic annotation de novo of small genome 160€ 200€ 240€ 300€
Genic annotation de novo of viral and plasmid genome 120€ 150€ 180€ 225€
The budget may vary according to the number of samples
Other Price negotiable
16S Metagenomic 50€/run 65€/run 80€/run 100€/run
SPAdes 30€/sample 40€/sample 50€/sample 60€/sample
Other 5€/sample 6€/sample 7€/sample 8.5€/sample
Fragment analysis
GeneMapper plate 96 191€/plate 96 250€/plate 96 295€/plate 96 361€/plate 96
GeneMapper tube (minimum 8 samples) 2.65€/sample 3.5€/sample 4.1€/sample 5€/sample
GeneMapper tube + ROX (minimum 8 samples) 3.16€/sample 4€/sample 5€/sample 6€/sample
Other services Price negotiable
Real-Time PCR
cDNA synthesis 10.7€/sample 13.5€/sample 16.5€/sample 20.2€/sample
PCR SYBRGREEN 3.26€/well 4.1€/well 5€/well 6.1€/well
RT-PCR use machine+plate 32.6€/plate 96 41.4€/plate 96 50.5€/plate 96 61€/plate 96
RT-PCR data analysis 16€/plate 96 20.3€/plate 96 25.2€/plate 96 30.30€/plate 96
Arrays printing
Print (MicroGrid II) 53€ 101€ 121.20€ 151.50€
Print 1-1.000 spots 2.15€/slide 3€/slide 3.5€/slide 4€/slide
Replating 384 (Quad-Z 215) Price negotiable
Slides 23€ 30€ 35.6€ 43.4€
Microarray S. Cerevisiae 106€/unit 134€/unit 164€/unit 200€/unit
cDNA labelling from RNA 69€/fluorochrome 87.6€/fluorochrome 107€/fluorochrome 130€/fluorochrome
Hybridisation and washing 21€/slide 26.6€/slide 35.3€/slide 45.4€/slide
Scanning 16€/slide 25€/slide 30€/slide 40€/slide
Data generation 31.8€ 40.4€ 50.5€ 60.6€
Incubator use 5.3€/slide 7€/slide


Nucleic acids quantification
Quantification NanoDrop 1.07€/sample 1.4€/sample 1.7€/sample 2€/sample
Quantification NanoDrop/Qubit Self-service 0.11€/sample 0.3€/sample 0.4€/sample 0.5€/sample
Quantification Qubit 3.26€/sample 4.6€/sample 5.6€/sample 6.6€/sample
Lab-Chip Analysis
RNA quality analysis (minimum 6 samples) 6€/sample 7.6€/sample 9.2€/sample 11.3€/sample
DNA 1000 analysis using Lab-Chip (minimum 6 samples) 6€/sample 7.6€/sample 9.2€/sample 11.3€/sample
High Sensitivity DNA analysis using Lab-Chip (minimum 6 samples) 6.5€/sample 8.2€/sample 10€/sample 12.2€/sample
Data analysis Price negotiable
Information management Price negotiable
TI ressources rental Price negotiable
Other services
Biorupto Plus Self-service 10.7€/hour 13.5€/hour 16.5€/hour 20€/hour
DNA extraction and quantification 16.3€/sample 21€/sample 26€/sample 31€/sample
RNA extraction and quantification 25€/sample 32€/sample 39€/sample 48€/sample
Thermocycler (PCR) self-service 3.3€/run 4.3€/run 5.4€/run 6.5€/run
Genomics and Bioinformatics assessment 37.7€/hour 50€/hour 60€/hour 75€/hour
Workshop Price negotiable
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