• Provide expert advice on the purchase of specific software to simulate artificial societies and social analysis,
  • Provide licensed use of commercial software aplications running in our servers,
  • Develop and fully implement simulation models, on request,
  • Adapt and customize existing simulation models for specific demands,
  • Deploy and run simulations using our own infrastructure,
  • Produce reports required, depending on the analysis needs of the contracting entity,
  • To carry out specialized tasks, outsourced by prospective projects, planning and social research.

Established rates for specific assessment are as follows (*):

New 2017 rates (under review process by UAB)

Concept Quantity Import
    External   Mixed UAB
Methodological  Consultancy 1 h 80,00 € 60,00 € 40,00 €
Face-to-face Consultancy 1 h 120,00 € 90,00 € 60,00 €
Full suport   25% of Total  25% of Total  No charge

Diets and travel expenses not included.
VAT not included, where appropriate (CRAG - FIRHVH, PRUAB, EBT+Spin-off UAB, CEI and other entities without UAB links)

(*) Economic Comission, Social Council UAB.


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