LSDS Summer School 2012

UAB International Summer School 2012 programs will be CANCELLED.

Please contact with UAB Summer School website.


LSDS Summer Scool 2012The LSDS training programme in "Social Simulation: A hands-on approach" is organized by the Laboratory for Socio-Historical Dynamics Simulation (LSDS-UAB) as part of the UAB International Summer School. We offer an intensive hands-on course on multi-agent modeling applied to social sciences using the Netlogo modeling environment. Participants will be able to debout immediately in the field and to present their own simulation model at the end of the week.

The program will be conducted by researchers in artificial intelligence, sociology, economics, archeology and other specific areas of Social Sciences who, parallel to the course, will present the state-of-the-art about implementation of social simulation in their domains of expertise, and will provide personal tutorization for the participants' on-going projects developed along the week.

From July 9th, 2012 to July 13th, 2012. At "Campus Bellaterra" of Autònoma University of Barcelona, Barcelona, SPAIN.

Program summary:
Following an Opening lecture to introduce the subject in a broad sense, the program will be organized around three core activities:

  • NetLogo Programming Tutorials: Introduction to the modeling of social dynamics using the freely distributed Netlogo modeling environment (15 hours)
  • Presentations by researchers on different areas of the Social Sciences (5 hours)
  • Development of a personal project under the supervision of researchers in charge of the course, ended with in-class presentations.

The course is mainly directed to advanced students and researchers in different Social Sciences areas who wish to approximate or to deepen in the knowledge of agent-based simulation to analyze complex phenomena in the context of social dynamics. Once the programme is completed, participants will be able to create and develop their own simulation models using Netlogo programming platform. Previous knowledge of computer programming is not required.

How to apply:

  1. Before 15th June 2012, you can fill the UAB ISS Pre-enrolment form. In the field "Courses offered by the International Summer School Programme"  choose "Summer School on Social Simulation: A hands-on approach". 
  2. We will contact you soon to provide more information, and to ask you for a CV and a short expression of interest, or an outline of your project related with Computer Social Simulation.
  3. By 20th June 2012, we communicate you the availability of places and the procedure for Registration.

Registration Fees:
Registration fees of 350€ does include lunches, and coffee/tea during the day.  A "gala dinner" is planned in Barcelona (40€).

Venue & Accommodation:
Bellaterra Campus is located at 20 Kms from the city center (50 minutes train trip to Campus stop). Barcelona has plenty of acommodation, and UAB University offers accommodation in the same Campus (please contact <VilaCampus>.)

Certificate of attendance issued by the UAB and the Laboratory for Sociohistorical Dynamics Simulation (LSDS)

Program detail:

  • Day 1:  Participants reception,  Program presentation, Opening lecture: Simulation in the Social Sciences,  Module 1: Modeling - Computer Simulations – MABS,  Participants presentation and expresion of interests, Module 2: Programming Basics
  • Day 2:  Lecture 2: Agent-Based Computational Economics,  Module 3: Netlogo Basics,  Module 4: Netlogo Advanced.
  • Day 3:  Lecture 3: Agent-Based Methodological Issues,  Module 5: Netlogo tools, Individual project starting.
  • Day 4:  Lecture 4: Agent-Based Computational Arqueology,  Individual project work and supervision.
  • Day 5:  Project presentations,  School closing.

More information & Registration:
Please, follow the terms and conditions at the UAB Summer School website (Social Simulation Course Code: 42)

Contact person:
Xavier Vilà <>, or <>

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