The Proteomics and Structural Biology Service (SePBioEs) allows private industry and public entities to access the latest technology in the field of protein production and characterization and related technologies. 

SePBioEs offers its services to researchers and both, public and private entities, by providing our expertise in both R+D+I projects development and those occasional services derived from the use of our facilities. 

The SePBioEs aims to provide expertise in the field of proteomics, protein production and crystallography to support, scientifically and technologically, our clients. The specific objectives are:

-Transfer of technology to companies

-Technological and methodologica development

-To obtain high added value products and substances of biotechnological interest

-Training courses on proteomics, protein production and crystallography techniques applied to productive processes

-Development of biotech products

-Technological advisory service


PPP Quality Policy_2018

Sistem quality control certification ISO 9001:2015 AENOR PPP

 Certification IQNET ISO 9001:2015 PPP


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