The facilities of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Service (SeRMN) of the Authonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) have laboratories for sample preparation and chemical manipulation of animals. The SeRMN has 8 Bruker spectrometers for analysis or study of any sample.

     · 250 MHz - automatic sampler (60)

     · 250 MHz self-service

     · 360 MHz

     · 400 MHz (standard probe or HRMAS probe for inhomogeneous samples)

     · 400 MHz probe CP-MAS solid-state NMR

     · 500 MHz and coupled to HPLC-MS, equipped with a cryoprobe

     · 600 MHz - automatic sampler (60)

     · BIOSPEC 7T MRI for imaging
         · Hypersense, for DNP NMR

Some of this equipment has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER - a way of Europe).

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