Heteronuclear Spectroscopy MRI

The carbon and phosphorus spectroscopy can provide valuable metabolic information complementary to that obtained with proton spectroscopy or other imaging techniques.

Peremet 31P spectroscopy detected metabolites such as phosphocreatine, inorganic phosphate or ATP and is used for the study of energy metabolism.

The advantages of 13C spectroscopy are its chemical specificity and the absence of background signals in vivo but its application has been limited by its low sensitivity. However, in recent years has developed a technique that allows the introduction of substances labeled with 13C hiperpolaritzat obtaining a gain in sensitivity up to 10000 times in optimal conditions. The use of these substances hiperpolaritzades allows the detection of both the injected compound as their metabolic byoproducts, being able to observe the dynamics of this type of real-time process.

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