Scientific and Technical Services (SCT) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) whose main mission is to support scientific and technological research groups UAB entities that are part of the UAB Research Park (PRUAB) and all institutions that joined the International Campus of Excellence at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UABCEI). In addition, mission STS also, although to a lesser extent, provide added value services to other external entities, public and private.

Moreover, the economic model of SCT approved by the Department of the UAB Research states that fees charged must charge the actual cost of the service, depending on the degree of linkage of the institution to the UAB, the PRUAB, UABCEI and, thus, a higher degree of association with UAB implies a lower rate. Accordingly, you create three types of basic rates (internal and external mixed) aimed at different types of users, which are added other special rates agreed by the UAB.

The following table summarizes the types of current rates currently at UAB and users who apply


Internal Rate

Own UAB reasearch groups, collaborative projects, or projects implemented with consortially UABCEI entities.

Intermediate Rate - UAB

UAB Research groups with projects contracted through agreements with companies.

Research groups at the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) (UAB-specific agreement CRAG)

VHebron IR Rate

Research groups in UAB-VHIR

Intermediate Rate - PRUAB

Centers and research institutes belonging to PRUAB

UAB - Associated hospitalary entities

UAB companies (EBT i spin-off)

Intermediate Rate - COMPANIES

Companies with location in PRUAB.

Entities belonging to Excellence International  Campus UAB (UAB-CEI).

External Rate

Institutions and companies outside the UAB which are not included in the above categories. External Public Organization Research centers have lower rates in some items.

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