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The Mixed Unit UAB-VHIR, led by the ICREA researcher Miguel Chillón, has obtained one of the grants that ACCIÓ allocates to define and enhance the action plans on technology transfer from the developers of technology candidates to be accredited with the TECNIO seal.

The technological platform of the Mixed Unit UAB-VHIR, (Production of Viral Vectors Unit -UPV-), is dedicated to the design, development, production and purification of viral vectors for applications in basic research and pre-clinical studies of gene therapy. It aims to provide the service of generation of recombinant vectors of high quality at the request of research institutions, public or private, national and international laboratories.

The work standards on the platform have allowed one of the viral vectors that has been produced to be authorized for compassionate use in paediatric cancers. Altogether, the Unit of Dr. Chillón has generated more than 800 productions of recombinant viral vectors on request of researchers, and has participated in many national and European projects.

Now, with the grant received, it will finance for three years the integration of the group in the TECNIO network of ACCIÓ. This seal, granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya, identifies where is the Catalan differential technology, the providers who offer it and the facilitators involved in the process of transfer of technology and knowledge.

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