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Oferta laboral data de publicació: 24/3/2021
Data de publicació:
Dimecres, 24 March 2021 - 12:00am

Responsable de la Plataforma de Bioinformàtica

Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR)



  • Higher university degree in Bioinformatics, Maths, Statistics or Health Sciences or related.
  • Master or PHD in Bioinformatics or related field.
  • Strong complementary background in bioinformatics.
  • Fluency in Spanish, Catalan and English


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the bioinformatics field
  • Experience in biomedical research.
  • Knowledge and experience in bioinformatics tools (Unix/GNULinux, perl/phyton, R, Databases, PHP/SQLBioconductor, etc).
  • Knowledge and experience in systems, platforms and pipelines of `omics’ and big data processing and analysis (scRNAseq,WES,Metagenomics,..).
Es valorarà:
  • Having worked in a ISO Quality environment
  • Knowledge and experience in reproducible research working
  • Experience managing people / teams

The Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB) opens a selection process to incorporate a new responsible of the Bioinformatics Platform. The role of the UEB is to support basic and clinical researchers, mainly from the Campus Vall d'Hebron, in their research. This is done primarily through data analysis services, participation in clinical trials, and data management services, and bioinformatics data analyses. The unit also offers advice and training on statistics and bioinformatics. The selected person will be responsible of the management and development of appropriate advice and services in bioinformatics for all the biomedical researchers specially from VH Campus.

The position offered is ideal for someone combining high technical, scientific skills and knowledge in bioinformatics analysis with vocation for service/support, strategic view to incorporate new techniques, plan ahead and especially good capabilities to deal with biomedical researchers.


  • Ensure that bioinformatics data analysis services are correct and delivered appropriately to customers who request them.
  • Supervise and support technical users in the execution and evaluation of the service.
  • Advice to researchers about the best experimental design approach for their experiments
  • Advice to researchers on topics related to bioinformatics for presenting projects in competitive calls.
  • Administrative management of the bioinformatics platform.
  • Design the Plan of training activities in the field of bioinformatics from and for the Unit.
  • Carry out technological monitoring and technical updating of specific tools field
  • To support all those tasks in the field that are entrusted by the organization responsible.
  • Carry out the designated activities in accordance with the standardized procedures and, where appropriate, participate in their updating.
  • Ensure that the activities are carried out in accordance with the Quality management system(ISO) and to promote and implement continuous improvement in its field of action.


  • Full-time position (40h/week).
  • Starting date: immediate.
  • Gross annual salary: 27.000€-38.000€ (depending on the candidate’s experience/skills)
  • Type of contract: permanent contract linked to project.


  • SkiLlful and social colleagues in a dynamic environment.
  • Challenging tasks and a wide range of responsibilities.
  • Personal training opportunities.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 23 days of holidays + 9 personal days.
  • Flexible Remuneration Program (including dining checks, health insurance, transportation and more)

Indefinido vinculado a proyecto / 40h semanales (8:00-17:00, viernes 8:00-15:00)



Salari brut (anual):



Applicants should submit a full Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter with the reference “Responsible of Bioinformatics Platform ” to the following email address:


Pràctiques en empresa data de publicació: 13/10/2016
Fecha de publicación:
Dijous, 13 October 2016 - 12:00am


  • Estudiant universitari de grau o Estudiant universitari de post-grau: Grau en Matemàtiques, Grau en Estadística.
  • Competències en Idiomes: nivell C1 d'Anglès.
Se valorará:
  • Desenvolupar models estadístics per a demostrar hipòtesis de negoci en l'àrea de màrketing digital.
  • Desenvolupar experiments per a l'elaboració de models economètrics, d'atribució multicanal i multidispositiu en diversos mercats.
  • Anàlisi de preus òptims segons estratègia i objectius.
  • Anàlisi de ROI per canal, campanyas i projectes.
  • Especial interès per l'aplicació de tècniques d'estadística en l'àrea de màrketing digital i de negoci estratègic.
  • Excel intermitg: taules dinàmiques, fórmules.
  • Programes estadísitics SPSS, R, altres.
  • Coneixements bàsics de HTML, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, etc. (Opcional).
  • 1 plaça de pràctiques del Programa START en STELLIO VENTURES SL per a incorporar-se el novembre 2016
  • remuneració de 400,00 € bruts mensuals
  • Centre de treball en Espanya: Mossèn Pere Ribot 84, 08340 - Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona)

4 mesos

Salario bruto (anual):

400 bruts/mes


Alina Giurgi
91 548 98 82 


Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B