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Oferta laboral data de publicació: 17/6/2021
Data de publicació:
Dijous, 17 June 2021 - 12:00am

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya: Facultat de Medicina


Who we are UIC Barcelona currently has around 8.000 students and offers 16 degree programmes, 30 international double degree programmes and a wide range of master’s and postgraduate degrees, as well as continuing education courses in numerous fields of knowledge. Since 1997 we have been teaching students based on academic rigour, a fulfilling university life and enriching life experiences. The UIC Barcelona team consists of professionals who are qualified not only in the field of teaching, but also in research, management, administration, communication, services, and systems. Beyond the professionalism of each individual, at UIC Barcelona you will find a young and dynamic working atmosphere.

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Job Requirements

Who you are...

  • Holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Applied Statistics, Mathematics, Physics or Sciences with a strong mathematical background.
  • Recently graduated or about to finish a University Master’s Degree in Statistics, Biostatistics or Data Science
  • Good coding skills in R or Python
  • Experienced in applied statistical software (STATA, SPSS, SAS)
  • A highly motivated researcher
  • An excellent team member with good communication skills
  • Fluent in English at a demonstrable B2 level


Es valorarà:

Assessment criteria

During the selection process the following aspects will be taken into account in this order:

A) Academic Record
B) Programming Languages and experience in data analysis
C) Knowledge of multivariate methods
D) English level
​E) Recommendation letters from former employers /lecturers or professors


About your role

You will be joining the Consolidated Research Group - End of Life Care (PI Dr Albert Balaguer Santamaria). During this period, you will develop a thesis project within the Measurement and Epidemiology of Health Outcomes research line, supervised by Dr Carlos García Forero. As part of this research line you will apply and develop multivariate statistical at improving the assessment of health in individuals and populations.

In this position, you will work with a dynamic research group designing, analyzing and interpreting different studies. You will participate in Epidemiology, Clinical and Medical Education research projects, and will actively collaborate in research design, analyses, and interpretation. You will also teach undergraduate students in the Epidemiology and Public Health Area, developing academic content and teaching practice sessions.

What will you do

  • Develop a PHD research project leading to a doctoral degree using multivariate methods to improve health assessment methods
  • Write up your own research for improving knowledge on how to diagnose and predict health outcomes
  • Support the research group and the Medical Education unit in research activities, (designing, analyzing, and interpreting results)
  • Follow up ongoing projects – leading small local clinical research initiatives.
  • Teaching at an undergraduate level in health degree programs in the Epidemiology and Public Health Area, developing academic content and teaching practice sessions in this area

Web page:


A full-time predoctoral contract (exclusive dedication) in the Department of Medicine at UIC Barcelona, renewable for 3 years

To bear in mind:

A) People who have met the requirements to access the doctoral programme at the time they are hired can participate in the call (according to what is set out in article 6 of Royal Decree 99/2011).

B) On the date the contract starts, candidates must be enrolled on a doctoral programme and must not have been awarded any other pre-doctoral contract for a period of more than 12 months.

Selection process
A selection committee consisting of three PDI staff members will be in charge of evaluating the candidates according to the merits they profess and deciding which candidates will move to the second stage of the selection process. The second stage will consist of a selection interview and a statistical programming placement test.

We offer

  • A full-time predoctoral contract (exclusive dedication) in the Department of Medicine at UIC Barcelona, renewable for 3 years, not extendible further, starting from the date you are hired as a member of our research staff in training.
  • The gross annual amount for the contract is the same as that stipulated in article 7 of Royal Decree 103/2019.
  • An exceptional working environment.
  • Start date: 1 September 2021

How to apply

Applications must include a single document containing:

  • A letter of presentation and motivation (in English) from the candidate
  • Full CV including contact details
  • Academic Record
  • Certification of English level
  • Up to 3 letters of recommendation


The application deadline is 28 June 2021



3 years

Salari brut (anual):



Candidates may apply at the following



Oferta laboral data de publicació: 19/2/2020
Fecha de publicación:
Dimecres, 19 February 2020 - 12:00am

Allianz Seguros


Busquem un estudiant amb:

  • Titulació universitaria superior en Ciències Actuarials i Financeres, Enginyeria de Telecomunicacions o Matemàtiques o estudis afins.
Se valorará:
  • Experiència previa en SAS, Python, R, VBA
  • Bon nivell d'anglès
  • Desenvolupar models actuarials, reports de gestió de pricing i anàlisi d'impactes de mesures en tarifes.
  • Manteniment de tarifes comercials, proposta d'accions de millora, anàlisi de impactos i sensibilidades;
  • Creació de models de prima de riscs, conversió i anulació;
  • Elaboració d'anàlisis i informes puntuals a nivell de les línies de negoci de l'Àrea: anàlisi de la nova producció, de les renovacions, de les anulacions, de la defensa de cartera i del detall del negoci en general;
  • Projecció de la rentabilitat futura dels productes (Profit tests);
  • Investigació i innovació de nous productes, cobertures, etc.
  • Projectes de Machine Learning

Pràctiques professionals de 9h a 14h


6 mesos

Salario bruto (anual):

A decidir en funció del perfil de l'estudiant (8€/h)


Beca data de publicació: 27/04/2020
Fecha de publicación:
Dilluns, 27 April 2020 - 12:00am



ISGlobal is a hub of excellence in research and medical care, and is the first global public health centre to have received the Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence Recognition from the Spanish State Research Agency. ISGlobal works toward the promotion of interdisciplinary science by incorporating research on poverty-related transmissible diseases as well as research on chronic diseases and their environmental and climate-related causes.

The ISGlobal PhD Programme brings together doctoral candidates from different health fields, and universities, to enjoy the added benefits of developing transdisciplinary research at our Institute.

Thanks to the Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence Accreditation, in this call we offer up to 8 fellowships for national and international PhD students, who wish to undertake rigorous research training and complete a research project in the field of global health and population studies to make new contributions to the existing knowledge base.

Apply now to kick-start your scientific career at ISGlobal!

Select the research proposal/s of your interest from the list of research proposals provided at the end of this call, section “PhD Research Proposals” (a maximum of 2 proposals can be selected).

  • Candidates can be of any nationality
  • Candidates must have obtained a University Degree and a Master’s Degree in biomedicine, epidemiology, computer sciences, environmental sciences, biostatistics, or a related discipline within the European Higher Education System (minimum 300 ECTS, of which at least 60 are at master’s level), or an equivalent University Degree that allows to start a PhD thesis in the candidate’s home country by the expected starting date indicated in the selected proposal (please note that each candidate will be assessed for eligibility on individual basis by the corresponding PhD programme)
  • Candidates must demonstrate academic excellence and a commitment to pursuing a scientific research career with an interest in global health and population studies
  • Candidates must have good command of English
  • Candidates already holding a PhD are not eligible
  • Candidates beneficiary of a PhD Fellowship by the Spanish Government are not eligible

Please note these criteria might slightly change since they are subject to the Ayudas para contratos predoctorales para la formación de doctores 2020-call from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Se valorará:

Please find the list of PhD research proposals below. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 proposals can be selected. When applying, don't forget to mention the correct proposal number and the name of the corresponding Group Leader in your cover letter. Please note that each proposal is associated with a specific expected starting date.

  1. Socioeconomic drivers of early adaptation to climate change and air pollution
    Group Leader: Joan Ballester (
  2. Broad One Health Endectocide-based Malaria Intervention in Africa (BOHEMIA)
    Group Leader: Carlos Chaccour (
  3. Molecular mechanisms triggering sexual conversion and transmission in malaria parasites
    Group Leader: Alfred Cortes (
  4. Exposure to greenspace and pre- and postnatal neurodevelopment
    Group Leader: Payam Dadvand (
  5. Immune deviation in malaria, helminthiasis and other co-infections (in Africa)
    Group Leader: Carlota Dobaño (
  6. Targeting vesicle trafficking as a new therapeutic strategy against malaria
    Group Leader: Xavier Fernandez (
  7. Plasmodium vivax: a hidden parasite challenging malaria elimination (HIDDENVIVAX)
    Group Leader: Carmen Fernandez ( and Hernando del Portillo (
  8. Exposure to noise during pregnancy, cardiovascular function and fetal development
    Group Leader: Maria Foraster (
  9. Physical activity in high air pollution settings for chronic respiratory patients
    Group Leader: Judith Garcia (
  10. Title Early environmental exposures and infant’s immunity and microbiota development
    Group Leader: Mireia Gascon (
  11. Chromosome Y in circulating cell-free DNA as a biomarker for cancer in men
    Group Leader: Juan Ramon Gonzalez (
  12. Implementation science and operational research to decrease malaria in Mozambique
    Group Leader: Caterina Guinovart (
  13. Title Urban environmental pollutants and brain functional connectivity in adolescence
    Group Leader: Monica Guxens (
  14. N-glycosylation in malaria parasites
    Group Leader: Luis Izquierdo (
  15. The Fourth 90: HIV Outcomes Beyond Viral Suppression
    Group Leader: Jeffrey V Lazarus (
  16. Omics to characterize malaria transmission and accelerate elimination in Africa
    Group Leader: Alfredo Mayor (
  17. Interventions to improve maternal and infant’s health in low income countries
    Group Leader: Clara Menendez (
  18. Effect of mass drug administration with ivermectin on malaria immunity
    Group Leader: Gemma Moncunill (
  19. Understanding transmission dynamics and herd immunity associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection
    Group Leader: Jose Muñoz (
  20. Assessment of coverage and effectiveness of decentralized HIV services on retention in care in Southern Mozambique
    Group Leader: Denise Naniche (
  21. Health impact assessment of urban and transport planning in cities
    Group Leader: Mark Nieuwenhuijsen (
  22. Study of immunothrombosis and lipotoxicity processes as mechanisms of pathogenesis in Chagas disease
    Group Leader: Julio Padilla ( and Quim Gascón (
  23. Development of new matalloantibiotics against multidrug resistant bacteria
    Group Leader: Sara Soto (
  24. Particulate matter translocation to placenta and its effects on fetal growth
    Group Leader: Jordi Sunyer (
  25. Advancing data science approaches to characterize environmental exposures
    Group Leader: Cathryn Tonne (
  26. Exposome Project for Health and Occupational Research - Mega Cohort
    Group Leader: Michelle Turner (
  27. Drinking water pollution and health
    Group Leader: Cristina Villanueva (
  28. Combining the exposome and multi-omics to predict health trajectories in children and adolescents
    Group Leader: Martine Vrijheid (

Selection Process and Selection Criteria

All applications are reviewed by an ad hoc Committee.

Candidates are selected on the basis of academic excellence and a commitment to pursuing a scientific research career with an interest in global health and population studies. A good command of English is requested.

By mid-May, short-listed candidates will be invited for a TC interview.

Selected candidates will be notified shortly after the interview period. Please note that the expected incorporation date varies according to the chosen research proposal.


8 PhD scholarships available

Salario bruto (anual):

8 PhD scholarships available


For any additional information, please contact


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