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Oferta laboral data de publicació: 28/3/2017
Data de publicació:
Dimarts, 28 March 2017 (Tot el dia)

UAB  and Teagasc - Irish Agriculture and Food Development


Applicants should have a good primary degree (First or Second Class Honours) or M.Sc. in an appropriate discipline (computer science, statistics, bio-informatics or related). Candidates from biological disciplines (biology, agronomy, veterinary) will be considered if skills/interest in statistics and modelling is proved. Good knowledge of modelling principles and background in R programming. The successful candidate should have strong interest in statistical models, be highly self-motivated and be prepared for participation in field data collection in some cases. A full EU driving licence is also required.

Es valorarà:

There is an urgent requirement to develop a Swine Systems Model for the Irish pig industry similar to models previously developed for beef and dairy. Two main components have been defined for this model, a nutritional component and a disease component. Though the nutritional component is being developed at the moment, the disease component presents a series of technical difficulties that require a particular set of skills. Co-infection at a farm level is a normal situation with the outcome being determined by several infectious agents and environmental factors. Some infectious or parasitic agents, like influenza or ascaris, modify the severity of other respiratory or digestive diseases. A load-dependent aspect has also been defined. On the other hand, the outputs available to quantify the effect of such co-infections include productive performance and several diagnostic results with highly correlated covariates, observed on different measurement scales (nominal, ordinal and quantitative). The successful candidate will first have to evaluate the drawbacks of common statistical tools used to analyse such datasets. The second aim will be the development of specifically designed methods and strategies for analysing such data and assessing their effectiveness on both simulated and real data sets. The final outcome of the PhD project includes scientific and applied aspects, the development of an R package to deal with co-infection like data and the integration of results into an advisor friendly interface.


PhD full time contract


3 years

Salari brut (anual):

22,000 €


Further Information/Applications
Dr Edgar Garcia Manzanilla, Teagasc, Moorepark, Fermoy, Cork, Republic of Ireland
Phone +353 (0)87 9614454    email:

Application Procedure
Submit an electronic copy of Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest to the email address above


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