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Oferta laboral data de publicació: 1/6/2021
Data de publicació:
Dimarts, 1 June 2021 - 12:00am

Bioinformatics Technician



  • Higher university degree in Bioinformatics, Maths, Statistics or Health Sciences or related.
  • Postgraduate training in Bioinformatics (PhD, Master,etc.)
  • Fluency in Spanish, Catalan and English


  • Experience in the bioinformatics field · Experience in biomedical research environments.
  • Knowledge and experience in bioinformatics tools (Unix/GNULinux, R, perl/phyton , databases, PHP/SQLBioconductor, etc).
  • Knowledge and experience in systems, platforms and pipelines of `omics’ and big data processing and analysis (microarrays, RNA-seq ,scRNAseq,WES,Metagenomics,..).
  • Good knowledge in biostatistics
  • Excellent communication (writen and oral) and relational skills
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Client-orientated


Es valorarà:


  • Having worked in a ISO Quality environment
  • Knowledge and experience in reproducible research

The Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit (UEB) opens a selection process to incorporate a Bioinformatic Technician. The role of the UEB is to support basic and clinical researchers, mainly from the Campus Vall d’Hebron, in their research. This is done primarily through data analysis services, participation in clinical trials, and data management services, and bioinformatics data analyses. The unit also offers advice and training on statistics and bioinformatics.

The selected person will be responsible of the development of appropriate advice and services in bioinformatics for all the biomedical researchers. The position offered is ideal for someone combining high technical and scientific skills and knowledge of bioinformatic analyses with vocation for service/support and especially excellent relational skills with biomedical researchers.


  • Provide bioinformatics services to the Vall d’Hebron Campus or external research groups, including:
  • Participating in start-up meeting with researchers requesting bioinformatics data analyses and understand the requirements of the study
    • Advice for the experimental design and planning of research projects involving bioinformatics
    • Write the proposal and budget for the required services
    • Execute the analysis and write the corresponding technical report
    • Deliver appropriately the results of the bioinformatics data analysis services to customers
    • Support in the communication of results when they are discussed with costumers.
  • Development and improvement of in-house bioinformatics workflows and pipelines for these studies.
  • Attend to and participate in UEB regular activities · Participating in training activities according to the UEB Training Plan


  • Full-time position (40h/week)
  • Starting date: immediate.
  • Contract: interinidad por cobertura de vacante*
  • Gross annual salary: remuneration will depend on experience and skills.
    Salary ranges are consistent with our Collective Agreement pay scale

*Permanent contract will be made if one of the assumptions established in the General State Budget of 2020 is fulfilled. Otherwise, the position will be temporarily covered by an interim contract until the fiscal and financial measures established by General Budgets of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the basic regulations of the General State Budgets authorize a new call for the place with an indefinite contract.


  • Dynamic and stimulating work environment.
  • Challenging tasks and a wide range of responsibilities.
  • Personal training opportunities.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • 23 days of holidays + 9 personal days.
  • Flexible Remuneration Program (including dining checks, health insurance, transportation and more).

Contracte d'interinitat per cobertura de vacant

Salari brut (anual):

El salarin que s'ofereix dependrà de l'experiència de la persona seleccionada. El rang estaria dins de 21 687 - 26 000 euros bruts anuals.


Candidates should fill the online form with requested personal and professional data.

Please check on VHIR’s official website the specific dates to submit your application. After this period the vacancy will be closed.

For any questions please contact:


Pràctiques en empresa data de publicació: 26/10/2018
Fecha de publicación:
Divendres, 26 October 2018 - 12:00am

Red Eléctrica de España


Red Eléctrica de España está buscando incorporar 23 titulados de diversas áreas a su equipo para realizar un periodo de prácticas de 12 meses en una de las empresas de referencia del sector.

Las prácticas tendrán una remuneración de 1.000€ brutos mensuales e irán acompañadas de una formación teórica a cargo de la empresa. Darán la oportunidad de participar en uno de los 27 proyectos transversales de la empresa trabajando junto a los mejores profesionales en innovación y transformación digital de la compañía.


Les titulacions buscades són:

  • Comunicació
  • Enginyeria de camins
  • Enginyeria de l'energia
  • Matemàtiques
  • Estadística
  • Enginyeria industrial
  • Telecomunicacions
  • Màrketing
  • Informàtica
  • Economia
Se valorará:

Es valorarà: Nivell alt d'anglès


Les funcions a realitzar variaran segons el perfil del titulat i el projecte en el què es trobin participant. Hi ha 27 projectes transversals i les pràctiques de 12 mesos seran rotatives per a què els candidats puguin experimentar de primera mà diverses opcions i diferents equips de treball.


Contracte de pràctiques a jornada completa


1 any

Salario bruto (anual):

1000€ mensuals


Olaia González



Oferta laboral data de publicació: 4/6/2019
Fecha de publicación:
Dimarts, 4 June 2019 - 12:00am



Estudiant estadística, matemàtiques o similar

Se valorará:

Coneixements BIG DATA


Projecte d'explotació del valor de la cartera de vida risc, un projecte on s'analitzen els aspectes quantitatius relacionats amb el negoci assegurador.




Estiu amb possibilitat d'ampliar

Salario bruto (anual):

5€/h el què marqui la universitat


Marta Elias
661 807899


Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B