In recent years new technologies have allowed the generation, storage and dissemination of large amounts of information. Analytical tools are needed to extract knowledge and to create value. Statistics is an invaluable tool for decision-making and obtaining knowledge.

In order to tap the potential of Statistics and to make an appropriate use it is necessary to ensure the compliance of various fundamental requirements:

  • Validity: It is necessary to prove that the study has been properly designed and potential bias eliminated or controlled.
  • Reliability: It must be ensured that the results and analysis provide enough precision.
  • Relevance: Apart from being valid and reliable, the results should provide value from the perspective of the scope of the investigation.

Researchers and practitioners often encounter difficulties in judging the reliability, validity or relevance of a study, either for reasons related to the statistical methodology, the software or the interpretation of the results.

The Servei d'Estadística Aplicada provides technical assessment and consultancy in all areas of Statistics with one goal: To provide practical and feasible solutions to the needs of the researcher in all phases of the project and to ensure the adequate use of statistical techniques to obtain the right conclusions.

The possible ways of consultancy that the Servei d'Estadística Aplicada provides are:

  • Occasional assessment
  • Integral Statistical support
  • Scientific collaborations
  • Specialized training

This service is open to research projects supervised by the UAB and to research teams from other universities, professionals, companies or other external institutions.

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