Contest rules

Contest rules

Eligible for the contest all graduate students or master students who are enrolled this academic year (2021-2022) at any university in the Spanish State.

The participants, individually or in teams of two, submit a job that must be unpublished.

The work may not exceed 20 pages and should have a structure similar to the following:

  • Title and pseudonym.
  • Abstract (150 words): Text to be published on the SEA website only for the winners
  • A brief introduction.
  • Problem statement, objectives and hypotheses. Priori information available.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Findings, interpretations and consequences. Analyze the impact they may have the results.

The work will be sent to Servei d'Estadística UAB email at, in pdf format and signed with a pseudonym. In the message text should also be included in the name and contact details of author / s (phone) and a scanned image of the receipt of your tuition for this course.

The winner students will present their results at the Dia de l'Estadística a Catalunya (about 8-10 minutes).


Deadline for papers:

September 4th, 2022


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Rules of the contest

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