Integral Statistical Support

The Integral Statistical Support is addressed to researchers who require complete assessment to analyze their experiment.

The final goal of such assessment is to provide to the researcher with a Statistical Report including the results of the analysis and the methodological details of the process.

  • Confirmatory Studies: To confirm researcher's hypothesis, usually planned in advance by a working protocol.
  • Exploratory Studies: In order to describe, identify, classify and explore the experiment's information.
  • Expert validation: To provide the researcher with an objective and independent diagnosis of a concrete analysis of an experiment.
  • Review of the study design: As a preliminary stage before starting the experiment, to review the working protocol, to determine the required sample size and to set the sampling plan.

For Integral Statistical Assessment we will draw up a detailed budget to be signed by the investigator. The following points are taken into account:

  • The difficulty of the problem
  • The materials and software involved
  • The deadline
  • The level of involvement
  • The fee associated with the promoter customer (Internal, Mixed, External)

The preparation of an indicative budget will not incur any cost.

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