Introduction to JMP Monographic Session


The Introduction to JMP Monographic Session organized by Servei d'Estadística Aplicada is part of the series of courses and seminars in which we intend to promote the use of Applied Statistics. In this fourth edition will be presented the version JMP 10.

What's JMP?

Is a software from SAS for exploring and analyzing data in a very simple and dynamic  way to due the organization of statistical methods in areas (descriptive analysis, bivariate analysis, modeling, etc..), and the graphical representation of data and results through dinamic and interactive plots.

JMP Characteristics:

  • It's very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Easy for viewing, editing, introduction and management of databases.
  • Graphical and statistical mehods for data analysis organized into menus.
  • Progressive presentation of the results.
  • The results are dynamically linked with the data.
  • Interactivity and motion graphics.
  • Possibility of programming routines by JSL programming language.


To promote the use of JMP for people who want an initial overview of the possibilities of this software.


The Introduction to JMP Monographic Session is addressed to university students, teaching staff and professionals who wish to acquire knowledge of Statistics using this software for application in ther area of expertise and work.

Program of the session:

Cosist of the following blocks:

  • Introduction to JMP
  • Database Management
  • Customizing JMP
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Bivariate analysis
  • Modelling
  • Dynamic graphics


Oliver Valero Coppin- Servei d'Estadística Aplicada - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Organization details:

The Introduction to JMP Monographic Session will be held on May 23th from 9:30 to 14:00.

The course duration is 4 hours.

The maximum number of participants is 20.

Pre-registration will be formalized via Servei d'Estadística Aplicada filling out the registration form that you will find on the web. One we received your form we will send an email to confirm that either you have an assigned place or you are on the waiting list.

Registration fees (2012):

Concept Quantity Import
    External Esfera UAB
(before May 22th)
1 assist 100,00 €  100,00 €  50,00 €
(after May 22th)
1 assist 150,00 €  150,00 €  100,00 €

UAB rate: People belonging to the UAB university community may benefit from this rate (PAS, teachers, students) as well as students from other universities as long as they send a copy of the current course registration. In case an invoice is required they will have to be registered with another fee.

Anyone who has taken any course of Servei d'Estadística Aplicada this academic year (2011-2012) will enjoy free registration for this monograph session.

Grants for students of statistics, consulted conditions in Registration Form.

Payment details:

Once the pre-registration is completed you will receive an email informing of the details for the registration payment.

People interested in applying for an invoice in the name of a company must state in the payment proof the name of their oranization and NOT of the attendant of the course himself. Once the payment of the course has been made there will be no refund unless there are circumstances bayond one's control.

Do wait for our confirmation of the reservation for the course before payment.

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