Introduction to R syntax by RStudio course - MODUL I

Introduction to R syntax by RStudio course - MODUL I


R is a free and open program ( which is increasingly imposing as the widely used statistical package in the field of research and university education, although it is currently present in the trade area. Failure to provide a menu-based environment makes it has a slower learning curve, but once overcome makes it an excellent tool for statistical analysis, programming functions and graphical representation of results.


The introduction to R syntax by RStudio course - MODUL I is designed with a practical purpose to know the R environment and make proper use of statistical software. The syntax will be provided, so will be possible replicate and explore better. No Special mention will be made in interpreting results, since the main objective is to learn the basic instructions in R. It is highly recommended that the wizards do serve their own PC.

To take this course, students must use their own laptop.

Programa del curso

Sesión 1: 

  • Presentación del software R.
  • Instalación de R e Inicio de la sesión.
  • Sintaxis elemental en R.
  • Ayuda en R.
  • Presentación de la programación en R. 
  • Paquetes y librerias.
  • Scripts.
  • Interfases de usuario.

Sesión 2: 

  • Características de los objectos en R.
  • Asignación, operadores lógicos.
  • Vectores. Variables categóricas o Factores. 
  • Variables indexadas (arrays).
  • Matrices. Operaciones con matrices.
  • Listas.

Sesión 3:

  • Bases de datos o data frames.
  • Lectura de ficheros de datos.
  • Importar/Exportar ficheros.

Sesión 4:

  • Gestión de bases de datos.
  • Resumir datos.
  • Funciones de la família apply.


The course is addressed to university students, teaching staff and professionals who want to start in the R programming language for the treatment of databases.


Prior knowledge of programs for the treatment of databases and spreadsheets.

To take this course, attendees must use their own laptop.



Anabel Blasco Trainig Area Coordinator SEA, UAB.
Associate Professor of Department of Economics and Economic History, UAB.
Ester Boixadera Statistical consultant SEA, UAB.
Oliver Valero Consulting Area Coordinator SEA, UAB.
Associate Professor of Department of Mathematics, UAB.
Ana Vázquez Statistical consultant SEA, UAB.
Associate Professor of Department of Economics and Economic History, UAB.


Organization details:

The Introduction to R syntax by RStudio course - MODUL I will be held on January, 17th, 19th, 24th and 26th, 2023, from 10:00 to 13:00. The course will take place face-to-face in a classroom on the UAB Campus

The course duration is 12 hours.

The minimum number of participants for the course is 10, and the maximum is 20.

Formalize the Pre-registration: link

Once we received your form we will send an email to confirm that either you have an assigned place or you are on the waiting list.

Registration fees (2023):

Concept Quantity Import
    UAB No UAB
Registration (before
January 15th)
1 asist 157,50 € 267,75 €
Registration (after
January 15th)
1 asist 235,50 € 401,25 €

UAB rate: UAB university community and students from other universities.
Not UAB rate: Other Agencies, institutions and companies.

The rate is assigned by the person/institution/company that made the payment.



- 15% of discount if you're registered in two R courses. In this case, the registration must be for all the courses together.

- Special discounts for unemployed people, with the document with apply or renew of the application for unemployment benefits.

- Special discounts for groups of the same company. Send a e-mail to

Grants for students of Degree in Statistics, see conditions on the registration form.

Not cumulative discounts.

Payment details:

Once the pre-registration is completed you will receive an email informing of the details for the registration payment or if you're in waiting list.

Once the payment of the course has been made there will be no refund unless there are circumstances beyond one’s control.

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