In recent years statistics has become a multidisciplinary tool used in many fields of science, business and public institutions. Such growing interest is owing to the fact that many researchers and practitioners have seen in statistics a way of giving an objective response to their hypotheses, questions and experiments. Statistics stands out in the following areas:

  • Biostatistics, biometrics, clinical trials, epidemiological studies.
  • Psychometrics, design and validation of measurement instruments.
  • Sociology, survey analysis, opinion polls, ...
  • Market analysis, Business and Market Intelligence, CRM, ...
  • Banking, insurance, finance, ...
  • Official Statistics.
  • Computational linguistics, text analysis, text mining, ...
  • Analysis of large databases, data mining, association rules, ...

Many families of methods and techniques have emerged from different disciplines, often independently. Therefore there is no classification agreed by consensus of these techniques. At the same time, an extensive set of software that implements these methods computationally (SAS System, PASW-SPSS, R, Stata) has been developed. Each of these areas has created their own language referring to the statistical methods used.

In this regard, the Servei d’Estadística Aplicada:

  • collaborates with research groups, enterprises and institutions of all these areas.
  • has a technical expert in statistical methodology, software and communication of results.
  • specifically collaborates with specialists from other disciplines within the university thus establishing a more direct communication with the researcher.
  • manufactures custom-designed statistical software.
  • provides statistical training for all levels.
  • has a wide variety of technological tools and uses the most advanced software resources.

Therefore the Servei d'Estadística Aplicada can offer you statistical assessment from a broad perspective, including both methodological and technical qualities and contributions specific to each workplace, but also specific enough to adapt the statistical terminology in each research field.

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