Presentation of the Student d'Estadística Aplicada

STUDENT contest of Applied Statistics

Through this contest, the Servei d'Estadística Aplicada of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with the Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya aims to promote the spirit of inquiry and for the Applied Statistics from students in Spanish universities, as well as giving know the role that has the statistics in obtaining new knowledge, both to the university community and society in general.
Applicants submit an analysis of a dataset, set in a real problem, for which proposed a solution. The content of the work will be unpublished and free subject.


Who was Student?


William Gosset studied chemistry and mathematics at Oxford. He worked as a chemist in the Guinness brewery in Dublin and performed important work in statistics. His best known contribution was the T-Test, the result of their work in quality control performed to Guinness. His articles of Statistics published them under the pseudonym Student.
For many, Student was seen as a statistical advisor of Guinness and others like Guinness technician who spent their free time to Statistics ... Although these statements had some truth, it obviated the principal, who was the intimate connection between his research in statistics and the real problems that are fully involved.



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