Introduction to Missing Data Workshop

Introduction to Missing Data Workshop


The introduction to missing data, organized by the Biostatistics Department, University of the Free State, South Africa and Mathematics Department, University Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain. This is part of the series of mini-courses in which we intend to promote the application of (Bio)statistics in the medical field.

Objectives of the workshop:

  1. Introduction to patterns and consequences of missing data
  2. Methods of handling missing data (monotone or non-monotone)
  3. Simulation study


Consists of the following blocks:

  • Basic concepts: patterns of missing data
  • Methods: Complete case, Multiple imputation etc
  • Simulation study


The introduction to missing data is aimed at University students, teaching staff and professionals who wish to acquire knowledge of these techniques for application in area of expertise and work.

Those attending may bring their laptops.


Dr. Lolu Aluko

Department Biostatistics
School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences
University of the Free State

Organization details:

The introduction to missing data will be held on May 09 and 11, 2022, from 10:00 to 12:00, at room C5B/027 Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Course duration is 4 hours.

The maximum number of participants for the course is 20.

Pre-registration will be formalized via the Servei d'Estadística Aplicada filling out the registration form that you will find on the web: link

Once we receive your form we will send an email to confirm that either you have an assigned place or you are on the waiting list.

Registration Fees (2022):

  • Free Registration


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