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Oferta laboral fecha de publicación: 8/10/2020
Data de publicació:
Jueves, 8 October 2020 (Todo el día)

Fundació Hospital Universitari Vall Hebron - Institut de Recerca (VHIR)


Closing date: 9/10/2020

  • Graduate in Statistics, Mathematics or with equivalent postgraduate training. All applications will be considered, depending on experience.
  • Knowledge and, preferably, experience in "data management", creation of electronic CRFs and general knowledge of databases.
  • Good level of statistical programming, preferably R and/or STATA.
  • Solid knowledge of statistics and data analysis, preferably with experience in clinical data analysis and participation in clinical trials.
  • Fluent English is a must.
Es valorarà:
  • Postgraduate degree such as Master's or PhD.
  • Specific experience in the RedCAP System will be valued.
  • Knowledge in any of the following: Regulatory issues (GDPR), Good Clinical Practices (GCP), Quality (ISO) and/or Project Management, will be valued.

The selected person will participate mainly in the following projects:

  • EU-PEARL ‘EU Patient Centric Clinical Trials Platforms’, European Project funded by IMI2 (Grant agreement no.853966) and coordinated by VHIR.
  • EOSC Life ‘Providing an open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe’ European Project (Grant agreement no. 824087)

the person occupying the position will be responsible for:

  • Development of the tasks of the projects that generate their funding
  • Participation in data management tasks such as data cleaning, creation of electronic CRFs or database processing.
  • Design and execution of clinical data analysis projects
  • Offer biostatistical support to service users
  • Collaborate, to the appropriate extent, in the development and innovation tasks carried out in the unit.
  • Participate in the training programs carried out by the unit.

Temporary contract, 30h/week


Starting in October, with a duration linked to the project that would end in April 2023.

Salari brut (anual):

18,750 €


(The candidates should fill the online form with requested personal and professional data.)

Please check on VHIR’s official website the specific dates to submit your application. After this period the vacancy will be closed.
Only applications submitted through VHIR's official website will be considered.


Prácticas en empresa fecha de publicación: 8/5/2017
Fecha de publicación:
Lunes, 8 May 2017 (Todo el día)



Ingeniero informático, telecomunicación, estadística, matemáticas.

Se valorará:

inglés b2+


Grid Data Services – (Barcelona)

Funciones del proyecto que se desarrollará:

  • Apoyo a las actividades vinculadas a la gestión y coordinación de proyectos ICT
  • Toma requerimientos.
  • Seguimiento actividades proyecto.
  • Gestión proveedor.
  • Supervisión soluciones Técnicas.
  • Pruebas de calidad.
  • Documentación proyecto.
  • Soporte Operarivo



12 Meses

Salario bruto (anual):




Oferta laboral fecha de publicación: 2/6/2017
Fecha de publicación:
Viernes, 2 June 2017 (Todo el día)

Centre d'Estudis Epidemiològics sobre les ITS i Sida de Catalunya


We are looking for a health science professional to be incorporated in a multidisciplinary team at the Center for Epidemiology Studies on HIV/SIT of Catalonia (,  implementing both formal surveillance and observational studies on HIV/STI. The main task will be to coordinate an on going  multicenter cohort study of HIV infected patients ( The candidate must have enough knowledge on epidemiology to be able to perform analysis on databases, propose specific research questions and write scientific articles. It is encouraged that the candidate have a biomedical sciences background and preferable, but not necessary, a medical degree.

  • We are looking for a proactive professional, with strong abilities to work in a team basis and committed to scientific production.
  • The candidate must know English and Catalan or Spanish will be an assert.
  • Experience in longitudinal studies and/or in HIV research will be taken into account.
  • The candidate must be able to hold a work permit in the European Union.
Se valorará:

Part of his/her duties will involve:

  • coordination of the study development as project manager.
  • interact with the epidemiologists and staticicians attached to the project.
  • facilitate professional relationships with the recruitment sites and other local and international cohort collaborations.
  • ensure the quality of the data provided by the investigators.
  • manage database to facilitate clinical and epidemiological research.
  • assist clinician researchers in study design, database planning and analysis of results.
  • preparation of scientific committees and follow up on their decisions.
  • produce study reports.
  • conduct literature reviews.
  • write research proposals .
  • write scientific papers

The candidate will be included in the Scientific Committee and he/she will be expected to be incorporate to work before July 15th. Special incorporation strategies could be negociated.


The candidate will be included in  the Scientific Committee and he/she will be expected to be incorporate to work before July 15th. Special incorporation strategies could be negociated.

Place: Badalona, Spain (Barcelona metropolitan area)
Period: initial contract for one year, with possibilities of extension.
33.000 euro year
Contract: laboral with a probatory period.


One year

Salario bruto (anual):

33.000 euro year


Interested send CV to: Montserrat Galdón at or to Jordi Casabona at, before June 20th


Campus d'excel·lència internacional U A B