Assay request


 Requirements and conditions for the assays:

  • Schedule: The “Servei” is open from 8:30h to 16:30h, from Monday to Friday
  • Telephone: +34935868945/47

Shipping conditions: All batches of samples must have indicated date, number of tubes or plates, storage temperature and solvent. After the delivery of results, samples will be kept at the SG for one month.

Condiciones del envío de las muestras: Se debe indicar la fecha en que se realiza el envío, el número de tubos o placas que se envían, la temperatura y en que disolvente están.Se guardarán en el Servei durante 1 mes, después de la entrega de resultados.

The delivery time of results are no more than one week, except for emergency cases. Results can be delivered into a CD, USB, in paper or by electronic mailing and they are kept at the SG for one year after their delivery.

With each assay it is mandatory to submit a form of Assay Request and the Specific Invoice (UAB users or non-UAB users).

SGB is not responsible for the assay steps not performed by the SGB staff.

The use of self-service equipment requices training and authorization by the SGB and must be accompanied by a request form proved by the Principal Investigatior.

Sample Technique Minimal volume Optimal concentration Conditions Temp Format kit (assay appl.) Results
DNA Purification DNA 10µl 100ng/µl up to 10µg/µl RT Tube 0,2 ml   DNA in water
Quantification Nanodrop 2µl 2ng/µl up to 3700ng/µl RT Tube 0,2 ml   Excel
Quantification Qubit dsDNA HS Assay 1-20µl 0,2-100ng RT Tube 0,2 ml   Excel
dsDNA BR Assay 1-20µl 2-1000ng RT Tube 0,2 ml   Excel
ssDNA Assay 1-20µl 1-200ng RT Tube 0,2 ml   Excel
RNA Assay 1-20µl 5-100ng -20ºC Tube 0,2 ml   Excel
rNA BR Assay 1-20µl 20-1000ng -20ºC Tube 0,2 ml   Excel
Protein Assay 1-20µl 0,25-5ng -20ºC Tube 0,2 ml   Excel
Sequencing ABI 3130 DNA 5µl 100 ng/µl RT Tube 0,2 ml or plate 96   File .abi
File .seq
Primer 2µl 5 µM
High Throughput Sequencing Ask to SGB Ask to SGB       File .fastq
Resuspension --- --- RT Tube 0,2 ml or plate 96 Indicate version Big Dye used File .abi
File .seq
Gene Mapper 2µl --- RT Tube 0,2 ml or plate 96 Indicate filter File .fsa
Quality LAb Chip DNA 2µl 0,5ng/µl up to 50ng/µl RT Tube 0,2 ml   pdf
RNA Quantification Nanodrop 2µl 2ng/µl up to 3700ng/µl -20ºC Tube 0,2 ml   excel
LAb Chip RNA 2µl 25-500ng/µl -20ºC Tube 0,2 ml   pdf
Microarrays Printing Microgrid 20µl 100ng/µl -20ºC Plate384   Chips
Labelling 10µl 1µg/µl -20ºC Tube 0,2 ml    
Hybridization Array Booster --- --- -20ºC      
Scanning scan array --- --- RT     Files.tiff
Data generation
Gene pix
--- ---       Files.gpr
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