Fragment analysis

Analysis of fragments (GeneMapper)

  • The automatic sequencer allows the analysis of the length and quantity of the DNA fragments amplified and fluorescently labelled using the GeneMapper software.
  • This methodology uses labelled primers with the same fluorochromes that are used for the DNA sequencing. One of the fluorochromes is the internal standard, which has two functions. First and most important, it gives the length and the quantity of each PCR fragment, which eliminates the variation between capillaries. Second, it is a positive control for the analysis.
  • The GeneMapper offers a user-friendly and accurate analysis of multiple PCRs. That is, it allows separating different fragments by combination of lengths and colours within a single electrophoresis.


Sequencer ABI 3130XL


D, E, F, G5, Any4Dye


192 samples/day


16 simultaneous readings


Results are sent by electronic mail and/or using the software of the SG






We use 50 cm-length capillaries that allows to obtain results in 1-2 hours.

Users prepares the samples and the SG performs the electrophoresis



Software GeneMapper.

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