High throughput sequencing

High throughput sequencing

  • The SGB has the MiSeq  from Illumina to perform high throughput DNA sequencing. This technology sequences the sample based on the method sequencing by synthesis.
  • MiSeq can produce reads of 50, 150, 250 and soon up to 300 pb. It can generate up to 30 million reads in pair-end (reading both DNA's chains), sequencing up to 7 giga bases.
  • MiSeq-associated kits allow de novo or resequencing small genomes, RNA and small RNA, 16S metagenomics and ChIP-Seq, among others. In all instances, a library for the sample must prepared, which enables the incorporation of adaptors to the library's fragments to be sequenced.




It depends  on the sample to be sequenced.


Up to 96 samples/run. It is possible to mix samples from different species and the library prepared using different applications (i.e., de novo, small RNA and 16S metagenomics), in case the read length is the same.


Up to 96 samples sequencing 250 (soon 300) bases per chain and fragment from each sample's library. This yields up to 30 million reads and 7 Gb sequence.


 They must be recovered using a USB memory.





Library preparation

The material must diluted in water and to be into a 1.5 ml eppendorf tube.


Sample's library loading into the cartridge

Ask the SGB.


Sequencing using customer's cartridge

Ask the SGB.


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