MiSeq internal seminars

Due to the adquisition of the new sequencing equipment MiSeq (Illumina), SGB organizes a series of internal seminars in order to share the information related to sequence generation and analysis.

  • 12-11-2012 Ester Castillo Introduction to the MiSeq System
  • 13-11-2012 Ester Castillo MiSeq Reporter: data generation and analysis
  • 15-11-2012 Xavier Castells  Nextera Protocol
  • 22-11-2012 Pablo Lammers  Nextera XT Protocol
  • 29-11-2012 Guillem Roca  small RNA Protocol
  • 13-12-2012 Pablo Lammers TruSeq-ChIP Protocol
  • 17-01-2013 Raquel Egea MiSeq: Data access and analysis
  • 24-01-2013 Xavier Castells MiSeq: data analysis using R
  • 11-03-2013 Leszek Pryszcz Tracing phenotypic differences at high genomic resolution: Deep sequencing of 13 yeast colonies
  • 19-11-2013 Joaquín Ariño ChIP-Seq data analysis


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