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Sanger Sequencing
Sequencing reaction 8.01€/reaction 10.17€/reaction 12.41€/reaction 15.16€/reaction
Electrophoresis in plate 96 206.42€/plate 96 268.77€/plate 96

319.30€/plate 96

389.18€/plate 96
Electrophoresis in tube 2.90€/reaction 3.76€/reaction 4.43€/reaction 5.48€/reaction
DNA column purification 4.62€/reaction 5.87€/reaction 7.16€/reaction 8.71€/reaction
DNA EXOSAP purification 2.90€/reaction 3.76€/reaction 4.43€/reaction 5.48€/reaction
X-terminator + Electrophoresis 4.19€/reaction 5.32€/reaction 6.56€/reaction 7.92€/reaction
Other sequencing services Price negotiable
Sequencing NGS
Library Preparation
Nextera XT 107.51€/sample 136.54€/sample 166.64€/sample 203.19€/sample
RNAseq/TruSeq 175.56€/sample 222.54€/sample 272.00€/sample 331.12€/sample
Metagenomics 16S 52.68€/sample 66.87€/sample 81.71€/sample 99.55€/sample
small RNA, ChIPseq & Other services Price negotiable
MiSeq run 50 cicles 1053.58/run 1337.40€/run 1631.97€/run 1991.05€/run
MiSeq run 150 cicles 1162.16€/run 1475.01€/run 1799.68€/run 2196.39€/run
MiSeq run 300 cicles 1312.67€/run 1666.37€/run 2032.98€/run 2481.28€/run
MiSeq run 500 cicles 1455.66€/run 1848.06€/run 254.44€/run 2751.13€/run
MiSeq run Nano 300 cicles 514.96€/run 653.65€/run 797.71€/run 972.95€/run
MiSeq run Nano 500 cicles 584.84€/run 741.81€/run 905.22€/run 1105.18€/run
MiSeq run Micro 300 cicles 668.70€/run 848.24€/run 1035.30€/run 1263.22€/run
MiSeq run Micro 500 cicles 745.03€/run 946.07€/run 1153.56€/run 1407.28€/run
MiSeq run 600 cicles 1869.56€/run 2373.78€/run 2896.27€/run 3533.79€/run
16S Metagenomic 54.83€/run 69.88€/run 86.01€/run 107.51€/run
SPAdes 33.33€/sample 43.00€/sample 53.75€/sample 64.50€/sample
Other 5.38€/sample 6.83€/sample 8.34€/sample 10.16€/sample
Fragment analysis
GeneMapper plate 96 206.42€/plate 96 268.77€/plate 96 319.30€/plate 96 389.18€/plate 96
GeneMapper tube (minimum 8 samples) 2.90€/sample 3.76€/sample 4.52€/sample 5.48€/sample
GeneMapper tube + ROX (minimum 8 samples) 3.41€/sample 4.30€/sample 5.38€/sample 6.45€/sample
Other services Price negotiable
Real-Time PCR
cDNA synthesis 11.61€/sample 14.73€/sample 17.95€/sample 21.93€/sample
PCR SYBRGREEN 3.55€/well 4.52€/well 5.48€/well 6.67€/well
RT-PCR use machine+plate

35.48€/plate 96

45.15€/plate 96 54.94€/plate 96 65.7€/plate 96
RT-PCR data analysis

17.31€/plate 96

22.04€/plate 96 27.09€/plate 96 32.68€/plate 96
Nucleic acids quantification
Quantification NanoDrop 1.16€/sample 1.51€/sample 1.83€/sample 2.15€/sample
Quantification NanoDrop/Qubit Self-service 0.13€/sample 0.32€/sample 0.43€/sample 0.54€/sample
Quantification Qubit 3.55€/sample 4.95€/sample 6.02€/sample 7.10€/sample
Lab-Chip Analysis
RNA quality analysis (minimum 6 samples) 6.56€/sample 8.28€/sample 10.11€/sample 12.36€/sample
DNA 1000 analysis using Lab-Chip (minimum 6 samples) 6.56€/sample 8.28€/sample 10.11€/sample 12.36€/sample
High Sensitivity DNA analysis using Lab-Chip (minimum 6 samples) 7.80€/sample 9.91€/sample 12.09€/sample 14.75€/sample
Other services
Biorupto Plus Self-service 11.61€/hour 14.73€/hour 17.95€/hour 21.93€/hour
DNA extraction and quantification 17.74€/sample 22.58€/sample 27.95€/sample 33.33€/sample
RNA extraction and quantification 27.09€/sample 34.40€/sample 41.93€/sample 51.60€/sample
Thermocycler (PCR) self-service


4.62€/run 5.81€/run 6.99€/run
Genomics and Bioinformatics assessment 40.85€/hour 53.75€/hour 64.50€/hour 80.63€/hour
Workshop Price negotiable
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