Prices 2021
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Sanger Sequencing
Sequencing reaction 7.60€/reaction 9.65€/reaction 11.77€/reaction 14.38€/reaction
Electrophoresis in plate 96 195.84€/plate 96 255€/plate 96

302.94€/plate 96

369.24€/plate 96
Electrophoresis in tube 2.75€/reaction 3.57€/reaction 4.2€/reaction 5.2€/reaction
DNA column purification 4.39€/reaction 5.57€/reaction 6.79€/reaction 8.26€/reaction
DNA EXOSAP purification 2.75€/reaction 3.57€/reaction 4.2€/reaction 5.20€/reaction
X-terminator + Electrophoresis 3.98€/reaction 5.05€/reaction 6.22€/reaction 7.52€/reaction
Other sequencing services Price negotiable
Sequencing NGS
Library Preparation
Nextera XT 102€/sample 129.54€/sample 158.1€/sample 192.78€/sample
RNAseq/TruSeq 166.57€/sample 211.14€/sample 258.06€/sample 314.16€/sample
Metagenomics 16S 49.98€/sample 63.44€/sample 77.52€/sample 94.45€/sample
RNAseq, small RNA, ChIPseq & Other services Price negotiable
MiSeq run 50 cicles 999.60/run 1268.88€/run 1548.36€/run 1889.04€/run
MiSeq run 150 cicles 1102.62€/run 1399.44€/run 1707.48€/run 2083.86€/run
MiSeq run 300 cicles 1245.42€/run 1581€/run 1928.82€/run 2354.16€/run
MiSeq run 500 cicles 1381.08€/run 1753.38€/run 2138.94€/run 2610.18€/run
MiSeq run Nano 300 cicles 488€/run 620.16€/run 756.84€/run 923.10€/run
MiSeq run Nano 500 cicles 554.88€/run 703.8€/run 858.84€/run 1048.56€/run
MiSeq run Micro 300 cicles 634.44€/run 804.78€/run 982.26€/run 1198.5€/run
MiSeq run Micro 500 cicles 706.86€/run 897.6€/run 1094.46€/run 1335.18€/run
MiSeq run 600 cicles 1773.78€/run 2252.165€/run 2747.88€/run 3352.74€/run
Bioinformatic Analysis
Complete Metagenomic Analysis QIIME + R 501.84€ 636.48€ 771.32€ 948.6€
Additional Analysis QIIME + R 292.23€ 370.26€ 451.86€ 551.82€
Filtering+assembly de novo of small genome 287.64€ 365.16€ 445.74€ 543.66€
Filtering+assembly de novo of viral and plasmid genome 205.02€ 260.1€ 317.22€ 387.6€
Genic annotation de novo of small genome 164.22€ 208.08€ 255€ 310.08€
Genic annotation de novo of viral and plasmid genome 123.42€ 157.08€ 190.74€ 232.56€
The budget may vary according to the number of samples
Other Price negotiable
16S Metagenomic 52.02€/run 66.3€/run 81.6€/run 102€/run
SPAdes 31.62€/sample 40.8€/sample 51€/sample 61.2€/sample
Other 5.1€/sample 6.48€/sample 7.91€/sample 9.64€/sample
Fragment analysis
GeneMapper plate 96 195.84€/plate 96 255€/plate 96 302.94€/plate 96 369.24€/plate 96
GeneMapper tube (minimum 8 samples) 2.75€/sample 3.57€/sample 4.28€/sample 5.2€/sample
GeneMapper tube + ROX (minimum 8 samples) 3.23€/sample 4.08€/sample 5.1€/sample 6.12€/sample
Other services Price negotiable
Real-Time PCR
cDNA synthesis 11.02€/sample 13.97€/sample 17.03€/sample 20.81€/sample
PCR SYBRGREEN 3.37€/well 4.28€/well 5.2€/well 6.32€/well
RT-PCR use machine+plate

33.66€/plate 96

42.84€/plate 96 52.12€/plate 96 62.42€/plate 96
RT-PCR data analysis

16.42€/plate 96

20.91€/plate 96 25.7€/plate 96 31.01€/plate 96
Arrays printing
Print (MicroGrid II) 54.37€ 103.02€ 123.62€ 154.53€
Print 1-1.000 spots 2.20€/slide 3.06€/slide 3.57€/slide 4.08€/slide
Replating 384 (Quad-Z 215) Price negotiable
Incubator use 5.3€/slide 7€/slide


Nucleic acids quantification
Quantification NanoDrop 1.1€/sample 1.43€/sample 1.73€/sample 2.04€/sample
Quantification NanoDrop/Qubit Self-service 0.12€/sample 0.31€/sample 0.41€/sample 0.51€/sample
Quantification Qubit 3.37€/sample 4.69€/sample 5.71€/sample 6.73€/sample
Lab-Chip Analysis
RNA quality analysis (minimum 6 samples) 6.22€/sample 7.85€/sample 9.59€/sample 11.73€/sample
DNA 1000 analysis using Lab-Chip (minimum 6 samples) 6.22€/sample 7.85€/sample 9.59€/sample 11.73€/sample
High Sensitivity DNA analysis using Lab-Chip (minimum 6 samples) 7.40€/sample 9.40€/sample 11.47€/sample 13.99€/sample
Data analysis Price negotiable
Information management Price negotiable
TI ressources rental Price negotiable
Other services
Biorupto Plus Self-service 11.02€/hour 13.97€/hour 17.03€/hour 20.81€/hour
DNA extraction and quantification 16.83€/sample 21.42€/sample 26.52€/sample 31.62€/sample
RNA extraction and quantification 25.7€/sample 32.64€/sample 39.78€/sample 48.96€/sample
Thermocycler (PCR) self-service


4.39€/run 5.51€/run 6.63€/run
Genomics and Bioinformatics assessment 38.76€/hour 51€/hour 61.2€/hour 76.5€/hour
Workshop Price negotiable
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