Offered Services

  1. Rental of space and equipment to work with food-borne pathogens of risk level up to 3 as established by the RD 664/1997.
    • We offer the use of space, with the appropriate containment measures, to Laboratories or companies that have to carry out experimental work involving food-borne pathogens that require special safety measure.
    • The official rates for the use of the LBA facilities have been approved by the UAB governing board and are available at the following link. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to contact the head of service for further details (
  2. Implementation and/or assessment in:
    • Design and testing for the validation of technologies and processes for the food industry or for experimental purposes (challenge tests)
    • Determination of the shelf life based on potential microbiological food safety criteria as established by Regulation 2073/2005
    • Tests of microbicide efficacy of disinfectant products to be used in the food industry
    • Validation of rapid methods for detection and quantification of foodborne pathogens

To request an estimate for any of these activities, please contact the head of the laboratory (

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