• We provide expert advice on the purchase of specific software for building artificial societies and performing social simulation analysis,
  • We provide licensed use of commercial software applications running in our servers,
  • We develop and implement social simulation models on request,
  • We refactorize and customize available simulation models for specific demands,
  • We deploy and run simulations using our own infrastructure,
  • We produce on demand outcome reports, depending on the analysis needs of the client,
  • We carry out specialized tasks, outsourced by prospective projects, planning and social research.

Other services offered by LSDS:

  • Training in Computer Social Simulation and Virtual Societies building and analising.
  • LACESS: Build on-demand participatory behavioral experiments.
  • LACESS: Full management of standard behavioral experiments (30 terminals, +400 subject pool)


Service rates

UAB approved rates (Economic Comission, Social Council UAB. Agreement 2018, may 10th)
[+] See "Services" menu for details.

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