The LSDS now hosts the UAB service Analyzing Behavioural Experiments throughout Social Simulation in Laboratory (LACESS).

  • On demand virtual societies can be deployed in our server, and
  • up to 30 human subjects can take the command of some “virtual agents” via client terminals to interact with each other, with the rest of software agents, and with the virtual environment.

Clients interested in strictly condition controlled behavior experiments can use these innovative technology for designing participatory simulation experiments, and also use LACESS premises and infrastructure to carry out “classical” behavior experimental sessions.

[+] Found more information at the LACESS website menu.

  External Sphere UAB* UAB
Experimental Design and pre-test 300€ 200€ 200€
Experimental session (per hour, 30 subjects) 87.50€ 43.75€ 43.75€

Diets and travel expenses, where appropriate, not included.
VAT not included, where appropriate (CRAG - FIRHVH, PRUAB, EBT+Spin-off UAB, CEI and other entities without UAB links)
* See “CORES UAB Strategic Research Communities” documentation for details.

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