Leica DCM 3D

El perfilòmetre tridimensional de tecnologia dual combina l'adquisició d'imatges confocals amb la interferometria.

In recent years, the competing technologies of interferometry and confocal image profiling have been available for non-contact surface metrology. Both types of instrument can accurately and reliably measuresurface topography on a scale from millimeters down to nanometers.

Today, Leica Microsystems presents a new, complete solution, that combines the advantages of both confocal and interferometry: the Leica DCM 3D dual core 3D measuring microscope. In addition to its compact and robust design, the Leica DCM 3D is the tool of choice when it comes to super fast, non-destructive assessment of the micro- and nano-geometries of critical industrial component surfaces. 

From R&D and quality inspection laboratories to robotic-driven systems utilized in online process control, the new Leica DCM 3D is designed for a wide range of applications where high speed measurements with resolution down to 0.1 nm are needed.

FEDER co-funded

Aquest equip ha estat cofinançat amb fons FEDER 2010-2012.

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