The EVO® MA 10 will be the SEM of choice for many users in Materials Analysis. Imaging non conductors is now central to nanotechnology and the “ high vacuum only” conventional SEM has been superseded. With a large motorised 5 axis stage, variable pressure capability as standard, and easy to use SmartSEM software, the EVO® MA 10 offers a perfect imaging solution to the modern Materials Analysis SEM suite.

    3nm a 30kV
    4.5nm a 30kV (VP mode)
    10 nm a 3 kV
 Probe current: from 4pA to 100nA
 Acceleration voltage: from 0.2 to 30 kV
    Stardard SE
    Variable Pressure SE (VPSE)
 Pressure range: 10-400 Pa
 Maximum heigh of the sample: 100 mm
 Detector EDS Oxford LINCA



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