Olympus Fluoview 1000

Olympus Fluoview 1000

Allows image acquisition up to 4 channels using a spectral detection system, in a simultaneous way. Signal is detected with three photomultipliers (PMT) for fluorescence and/or reflection, plus an external one for bright field. Imaging observations in 5 dimensions (xyzt?) are possible. The microscope also includes a TIRF module that employs the induced evanescent wave to selectively illuminate and excite fluorophores in a restricted specimen region immediately adjacent to a glass-water (or glass-buffer) interface. It also has CO2 and temperature control which allows in vivo experiments over the time.

Resolution: 200 nm, 100 nm (TIRF)


Diode 405, 559, 635 nm
Argon multi-lineal 458, 488, 515 nm






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PlanApo 60x TIRF

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