SEM sample preparation

Sample preparation for SEM

We have different equipment for SEM sample preparation such as:

Precission Etching Coating System (PECS™)

The PECS™ is a unique ion beam based etching and sputter coating system producing exceptionally large, clean, viewable areas of specimens for Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and Light Microscope (LM) applications.

- Etching and coating in the same vacuum chamber.
- Three Penning ion guns with miniature rare earth magnets
- Ion Beam Energy: from 1keV to 10 keV.
- Etched area: from 7mm to 10 mm.
- Coating area: uniform over a 25 mm diameter..
- Holders: min. 25 mm, compatible with FESEM Merlin .
- Holders inclination: 0-90º.
- TEM adapters for side-entry TEM or SEM holders.
- Target: 2 standard targets, Carbon and Chromiun with 2 others available: Gold and Platinium.
- Film thickness monitor for accurate control of film thickness.
- Dry pumping system: final preassure less than 6,8E-4 Pa.


This equipment has been 50% confinanced by the “Fons de desenvolupament regional en el marc operatiu FEDER de Catalunya 2007”- 2013.

Baltec CPD030 Critical Point Dryer

Adjustable heating parameters for gentle specimen treatment.

 Integrated automatic cooling/heating system.

Gas ?ow measuring device for precise release of gaseous C02 after critical point drying.


 Baltec MED 020 Modular High Vaccum Coating System

Conductive carbon ?lms on specimens for X-ray microanalysis (EDX, WDX).

 Carbon reinforcement ?lms on collodion or formvar coated specimen support grid.

 Normal, portrait, rotary and low angle shadowing.

Fine-grained carbon or carbon/metal mix coatings for high resolution TEM/SEM.


Au - C Coating. Emitech.

E5000 Sputter Coater. Polaroid Equipment Limited. 

K550 Sputter Coater / K250 Coater Carbon Attachement.

 The sputter coating of samples inhibits charging, reduces  thermal damage and improves secondary electron emission.



 Struers LaboPress 3 Mounting Press

Individually controlled parameters: temperature, force/pressure, heating time, cooling time.

 Hydraulic system with high accuracy pressure control.



Struers LaboPol 25

Grinding, lapping and polishing machines for manual or automatic preparation of materialographic specimens.

Specimen movers for semi-automatic preparation of materialographic specimens. Run 1-3 individual specimens without dummy mounts.

Two discs, variable speed, 50-500 rpm.


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