The MERLIN FE-SEM overcomes the conflict between image resolution and analytical capability. The core of MERLIN is the enhanced GEMINI II column which, with its double condenser system, achieves an image resolution of 0.8 nanometers. A sample current of up to 100 nanoamperes is available for analytical purposes such as energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and diffraction analysis of backscattered electrons (EBSD) .


Resolution:  0.8nm at 15kV
                       1.4nm at 1kV 
 Probe current:  4pA - 100nA 
 Acceleration voltage:  0.2 - 30 kV 
    Stardard SE     
    In-lens SE    
    Backscattered in-lens EsB    
    Backscattered AsB

 Detector EDS Oxford LINCA X-Max

 EBSD analisys Oxford Nordlys II


The system supports the user with a wide range of detailed solutions for tasks that could not be adequately performed in the past. This consists of the in-lens SE detector for surface imaging, the in-lens EsB detector for material contrast and the AsB detector for widely dispersed backscattered electrons. The latter contain specific information on the crystal orientation of the sample. 

The unique charge compensation system of MERLIN also allows the high-resolution imaging of non-conductive samples. Electrons which accumulate on the surface of the sample are swept away by a fine jet of nitrogen. In doing so, the complete detection system of MERLIN can be used. 


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FEDER co-funded

This equipment has been financed by 50% by the Regional Development Fund ERDF into the operational framework of Catalonia 2007-2013.


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