Servei d'Anàlisi de Fàrmacs consists of a team of professionals with long experience. Our facilities at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are ready to undertake any research project in the pharmaceutical and agri-food field with guarantees. We adapt to our clients’ needs to offer an integral service, from start to finish, or to collaborate on specific aspects of the project.

The collaboration agreements with CRO for animal phases conducting, together with our Animal Welfare Assessors, allow us to carry out multicenter studies to support drug registration or basic research.

In addition, we make all our expertise in bioanalysis available to provide the set-up and validation of analytical methods, diagnostic techniques and methods for immune response evaluation.

We invest all our capability and knowledge to support the development of new products  in the pharmaceutical and agri-food sector, as well as contribute to training and offer technical and scientific advice. Since 2015, we also offer calibration services for measuring equipment to the university community. The diversity of our offer is completed by the leishmaniosis diagnosis service, which has been carried out for more than 15 years by our LeishLab team.

The Servei d'Anàlisi de Fàrmacs’ professionals are permanently involved in our own projects or as research members of basic and applied research projects, which gives us the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and make our experience available to the scientific community.

From 2009, Servei d'Anàlisi de Fàrmacs is provided with the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) accreditation, which allows us to perform all these activities under a Quality Assurance System with the recognition of the national and international Authorities.

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