Calibration of measuring equipment

The proper functioning of the lab equipment is essential for obtaining accurate and repeatable results. Servei d'Anàlisi de Fàrmacs has the equipment and the knowledge to provide a calibration service to the research centers of the university community.


  • Traceable calibration of fixed-volume automatic pipette (from 5 µL)
  • Traceable calibration of variable-volume automatic pipette (3 volumes, from 5 µL)
  • Traceable calibration of analytical scale (from 0,01 g to 5 g)
  • Traceable calibration of precision scale (from 0,50 g to 500 g)
  • Traceable verification of graduated flasks (5 mL to 500 mL)
  • Traceable verification of glass pippetes (0,1 mL to 10 mL)
  • Traceable verification of temperature/humidity data-loggers (-20 to 40 ºC)


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