Development and Regulatory

  • Pharmacokinetic, bioavailability and bioequivalence studies
  • Residues and establishment of withdrawal time studies
  • Tolerance and safety margin studies
  • Efficacy and dose confirmation studies
  • Studies on active substances degradation
  • Cross-contamination studies in pharmacy dispensing robots
  • Cross-contamination studies in feed factories
  • Determination of the efficacy of canine leishmaniosis vaccines
  • Stability and homogeneity of additives or active substances in feed
  • Stability of active ingredients in medicated waters
  • Determination of active ingredients in different pharmaceutical forms
  • PK/PD studies of antimicrobials in farm animals
  • Elimination studies of active ingredients in urine and faeces
  • Palatability studies
  • Immune response studies
  • Expert’s Reports (parts III and IV)
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