The cytometry unit offers  flow cytometry as a unique tool for research in the field of cell and molecular biology, immunology, microbiology and nanotechnology, among others.

Flow cytometry is a powerful technology that allows simultaneous multiparametric analysis of thousands of cells or particles per second within a heterogeneous population. Flow cytometers accomplish this by using antibodies or fluorescent probes that recognize molecules from the cytoplasm or the cell membrane. By using a combination of different fluorophores attached to different probes, one can identify cells with any given molecular configuration. The main applications include: immunophenotyping analysis, cell cycle, gene expression, quantification of cytokines, transfection efficiency (GFP, RFP ...), cell viability and apoptosis, among many others. In addition, a more advanced flow cytometer, the cell sorter, allows the physical separation of the identified populations, with a high purity.

The SCAC Cytometry Unit is equipped with two analytical flow cytometers (BD FACSCalibur and BD FACSCanto) and a cell sorter (BD FACSJazz) installed inside a biosafety cabinet to perform biosafety level 2 sortings. The unit staff provides scientific and technical support to carry out this technology, design and analyze experiments and optimize and develop new applications. It also provides training for researchers who want to use the equipment by themselves. The cytometry unit is available to researchers at UAB, as well as public and private entities outside the UAB that request.

 Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the possible uses of flow cytometry for your projects. 



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