Powder diffraction

Panalytical X'Pert Powder diffractometer with theta-theta geometry, copper anode X-ray tube and PIXcel1D detector.

Sample devices:

  • Automatic sample feeder (45 samples) for ordinary measurements of sets of powder samples (upper image).
  • Multipurpose platform (MPP) for special samples (test tubes, big samples, archeologic samples, paintings, coatings, etc) and, also, ordinary powder samples (middle image).
  • Temperature chamber Anton Paar TTK-450 which allows measurements from a range of temperatures from T = -180 ºC to T = 400 ºC and special atmosferes (vacuum, inert, specific gases) (lower image).


  • Bragg-Brentano with programmable slits (thus, measurements with fixed irradiated area can be done).
  • Grazing incidence.
  • Transmission (sample between foils).

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