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The NMR Service organises periodically a training session (*) for new service users from UAB or PRUAB who intend to use the spectrometers Bruker Avance DRX 250 MHz (x2), Bruker Avance DRX 360 MHz and AvanceIII 400 MHz in self-service mode for the analysis of liquid samples.

The training session goal is to explain the service regulations, the access rules, and the basic regulations on safety and risk prevention, to advice on the safe handling of samples, and to give some basic guidelines on how to use our spectrometers.

For further information, contact us by email to or by using the contact form (

(*) The registration fee of the training session covers the expenses related to the activity: spectrometer time, expendables (solvents and tubes), teaching material, and the like, accordingly, this training activity is subject to VAT and not exempt from VAT (Article 20-1-9th, Law 37/1992 does not apply), and the activity is regarded as accessory to our service main activity of research support (Article 78, Law 37/1992).



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