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The SeRMN UAB was created in 1981 by an agreement between the university and the Generalitat de Catalunya, on the basis of a single electromagnet's spectrometer (Bruker WP80, today already discharged) and thanks to a grant from the Fundació Roviralta and the catalan government. With the acquisition in 1988 of a wide-bore 400 MHz spectrometer (AM400WB, the first one in Spain), the SeRMN was moved to its current location in the south wing of the Science Faculty. From 1988 to 2000, five new spectrometers were acquired: a 400 MHz (AC400P, 1991), two 250 MHz (AC250a and AC250b in 1992 and 1993, respectively), another 400 MHz (ARX400, 1993) and a 500 MHz spectrometer (Avance500, 1999). In 2006-2007 the building was expanded in order to locate the last acquisitions: BIOSPEC-7T for MRI (2007); Bruker 600 MHz-Avance (2007), LC-MS-SPE equipment (2007) for LC-NMR-MS experiments and a Hypersense polarizer for DNP experiments (2010). The purchase of new instrumentation led to an increase in highly specialized technical staff.

Current figures

Area: ca. 550 m2.

Equipment: 8 spectrometers (7 HR NMR and 1 MRI), 1 DNP

Auxiliary equipment: SAI, own energy provision, control, air drier, N2 own provision (600L tank), compressor, laboratory material, refrigerator, freezer, stabulary... among other.

Technical staff: 6

Administrative staff: 1 (shared with microscopy service)

Users: ca. 200

PhD students:  2

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