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In addition to the regulation approved by the Governing Board of the UAB SeRMN the following shall be governed by internal rules adopted by the Commission Members as of 28-6-95

The SeRMN UAB is a service open minded, to facilitate its direct hundred users permanent access to spectrometers, 24 hours a day, every day of the year

From the operational point of view, all users SeRMN entitled to enjoy all the benefits. For this purpose, the SeRMN establish the necessary means to ensure that this access can take place under optimal conditions, according to the researchers' needs, capacities and instruments to preserve maximum effectiveness of the equipment SeRMN.

Generally open to internal and external users, the SeRMN offers recording spectra routine part of staff SeRMN during the periods allocated to queue samples in each machine. For internal users, departments or institutes belonging to UAB connected to the computer network of the University, the SeRMN be limited to obtaining and transferring the FIDS server SeRMN. The subsequent transfer operations, processing and recording the corresponding spectra are made by their own internal users, preferably in their own Department / Unit / Institute or computer processing SeRMN. To avoid blocking the tail, which has always enjoyed the highest priority, the SeRMN determinations is limited to a maximum duration of 30 minutes per sample. Samples that require determinations longer duration will shift to self-service. Exceptionally, if you have time machine assigned to the queue for lack of samples, determinations may be accepted up to one hour

In addition, internal users (belonging to research groups Units / Departments / Institutes UAB) have obtained the authorization referred to in the regulation of point 7.d.3 SeRMN may make personally in self-service, recording their own samples using spectrometers for which they are authorized

To access the services described in paragraph 3, the user will leave staff SeRMN corresponding sample, dissolved in deuterated solvent of choice within a NMR tube of your property properly labeled. In addition, a spreadsheet application omplenarà indicating the date of the sample, username, Department / Institute / Unit and the research group of users, no. registration fees of the sample, type of spectroscopic determination requested (among offered)

The order of entry of the samples referred to in the previous section will be strictly respected by the service personnel at the time of analysis

Without prejudice to what is established in the previous section, if the waiting list exceeds the limit considered reasonable, it can give entry to a scheme of priorities according to technical reasons justifiable in terms of the characteristics of the samples

To ensure compliance with the provisions of this article, the Technical Director SeRMN prepare and maintain a waiting list and getting to know the maximum time delivery of results

Users to operate properly accredited person with a particular spectrometer self-service, proceed to book (from supply to your unit / Department / Institute) spectrometer time deemed necessary, periods of 30 minutes at least with a log of reserves adjacent to each spectrometer where indicated date requested, the scheduled start and completion of the core or cores to observe, name, Department / Institute / unity and research group to which the user belongs and to which the appropriate fee should be charged the entire reserved time

Only staff and people SeRMN expressly authorize the CTO can proceed with the delicate operation of changing probes. These authorizations will be granted to change probes with extremely restrictive criteria, in order to keep within reasonable limits the number of hands that can manipulate instruments SeRMN costly. Therefore, if a user referred to in art. 7 need to be changed a probe, when appropriate reservation time will ensure that when staff are provided SeRMN available, or people of their unit / department / institute authorized to perform this operation, or refrain from doing it yourself

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