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Title I. Nature, composition, functions

Article 1. Designation and purposes

The Department of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (SeRMN) UAB is a service that encompasses scientific and technical facilities, equipment and financial resources, organizational and human resources for obtaining NMR spectra and images. This service is available to users of various departments and institutes at UAB, as well as other departments of universities or external public and private companies.

Article 2. Functions

The functions of SeRMN Server:

a. Management, maintenance and possibly the acquisition and improvement or replacement of equipment necessary to perform the service staff person.

b. The recording experiments routinely requested by users and the users and to facilitate the completion of other specific experiments.

c. The organization of training courses necessary to enable users to receive authorization to use, self-service, the facilities and equipment service.

of. The distribution among staff authorized user of the various facilities available to the self-service SeRMN.

e. The granting or denial of each user is licensed to use each self-service equipment with verified your level of knowledge.

f. Dissemination and implementation of new technologies in order to expand the range of services to personal users.

Article 3. Members

The SeRMN must have the technical and administrative staff necessary to carry out their tasks.


Title II. Structure. Operating bodies

Article 4. Bodies

One. SeRMN The reports functionally Vice President responsible for technical services and organically of Management.

Two. Organs are SeRMN

a. The Executive Committee

b. The Committee Members

c. The Director or the Director of Service

of. The Chief Technical Director / a Service


Chapter I. The Executive Committee

Article 5. Nature and composition

1. The Executive Committee is a body of SeRMN for making binding decisions facing the proper operation of the Service, to guide its evolution over time, and make decisions on the application of projects, staff and infrastructure.

Two. Membership of the Executive Committee are:

a. The vice-rector responsible for the technical services or delegated person.

b. The person responsible for management of technical services.

c. The Chief Director of the Service.

of. A maximum of three academic researchers who are experts in the areas designated by the SeRMN the vice-rector in charge of technical services.

Article 6. Functions

The functions of the Executive Committee are:

a. Prepare the proposal for a Regulation of SeRMN and propose modifications.

b. Propose to the rector to appoint the director of SeRMN.

c. Evaluate and approve the proposed rates SeRMN to present them to the Board of Trustees so that UAB approval.

of. Assess and approve the annual report SeRMN with the balance of economic activity on the Service (income and expenses), and approve the budget for the following year.

e. Evaluate and discuss the mechanisms proposed by the director or the director of the Service to improve the efficiency of available equipment and get top performance.

f. Evaluate and discuss the proposed expansion of staff and facilities of the Service.


Chapter II. The director or the director of the

Article 7. Appointment

The rector appoints the director or the director of SeRMN following the usual procedure of recruitment of staff of the University.

The owner of the Directorate is directly responsible for compliance with the Regulations SeRMN, and accountable service to the march of the Executive Committee.

Article 8. Functions

The functions of the director of SeRMN are:

a. Organize and manage the Service.

b. Prepare the annual report of the Service.

c. Ensuring the correct provision of various services to users and maintenance of equipment in optimum condition for use.

of. Report to the Executive Committee of mechanisms to improve the efficiency of available equipment and get top performance.

e. Inform the Committee of Users of an internal affairs, activities and economic situation SeRMN.

f. Resolve, in cases of conflict between users and services, incidents that may occur.


Chapter III. Technical Management

Article 9. Responsible areas

The SeRMN can have a director or technical director / member of STEP.

Their responsibility focuses on specific support to the director about the issues and procedures to be done in each of the operational areas of SeRMN.

In the event that only has a SeRMN / director / scientist / c, that person assumes the duties specified in Article 10.

Article 10. Functions

The specific functions of the head of the Technical Department are:

a. Maintain and update the lists of various routine services staff offers SeRMN users.

b. Maintain and update a census of users specifying the type of user / holder, the type of services and facilities to the users and the users can manipulate self-service.

c. Distribute tasks among the technical staff associated SeRMN to ensure implementation with maximum efficiency and speed.

of. Grant or deny a user / authorized holder / holder, with verified their level, to users who want to work personally in self-service. It will require specific authorization for each facility.

e. Coordinate and / or deliver the training courses for new users who want permission to access self-service.

f. Between authorized users to manage the distribution of the facilities available in the self-service SeRMN.

g. Adapt, implement and disseminate new techniques and methodologies that could possibly be useful to users.

pm. Advise users on specific problems that may arise in the performance of their regular work.


Chapter IV. The Committee Members

Article 11. Nature and functions

One. Users Committee is an advisory body appointed by the Executive Committee.

Two. Functions of the Committee Members monitor both Service activities such as the preparation of the annual report.

Three. Meetings are convened by the director of the SeRMN.

4. Functions of the Committee Members to monitor and evaluate the activities of the service and ensure quality control.

Article 12. Members

The members of the Committee Members:

a. The director or the director of SeRMN

b. The director / manager / to the SeRMN

c. Members of the Committee consists of a minimum of five additional members, including representatives of responsible scientists (principal researcher), or people in whom they delegate, research groups at UAB who are regular users SeRMN therein or use in the last year. Its composition is approved by the Executive Committee and made public through the website SeRMN

Title III. economic system

Article 13. Estimate

The SeRMN have the budget allocated annually by the UAB.

Article 14. Rates

Service fees apply according to the rules established for current services.

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