Publicaciones 2011

1.- Totenhagen, J.W, Lope‐Piedrafita, S., Borbon, I.A., Yoshimaru, E.S., Erickson R.P., Trouard, T.P. (2011), In Vivo Assessment of Neurodegeneration in Niemann‐Pick Type C Mice by Quantitative T2 Mapping and Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, in press. DOI: 10.1002/jmri.22837.

2.- Aymerich, F.X., Alonso, J., Cabañas, M.E., Comabella, M., Sobrevilla, P., Rovira, A. Decision tree based fuzzy classifier of 1H magnetic resonance spectra from cerebrospinal fluid samples. Fuzzy Sets and Systems 170:43‐63 (2011).

3.- Candiota, A.P., Majós, C., Julià‐Sapé, M., Cabañas, M., Acebes, J.J., Moreno‐Torres, A., Griffiths, J.R., Arús, C. Non‐Invasive Grading of Astrocytic Tumours from the Relative Contents of MyoInositol and Glycine Measured by in vivo MRS. Journal Belge de Radiologie ‐ Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Radiologie 94:319‐329 (2011).

4.- Redesign of the Phosphate Binding Site of L‐Rhamnulose‐1‐Phosphate Aldolase towards a Dihydroxyacetone Dependent Aldolase, X. Gabarrou, J. Joglar, T. Parella, R. Crehuet, J. Bujons, and P. Clapés, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 353, 89‐99 (2011).

5.- A novel carbene ruthenium complex as reusable and selective two‐electron catalyst for alkene epoxidation, M. Dakkach, X. Fontrodona, T. Parella, A. Atlamsani, I. Romero, and M. Rodríguez, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 353, 231‐238 (2011).

6.- Selective HCH Experiment: A fast NMR tool that connect protons belonging to different spin systems, S. Gil, J.F. Espinosa, and T. Parella, Magn. Reson. Chem., 49, 301‐306 (2011).

7.- A New Dinuclear Ru‐Hbpp Based Water Oxidation catalyst with a trans‐disposition of the Ru‐OH, J. Mola, C. Dinoi, X. Sala, M. Rodriguez, I. Romero, T. Parella, X. Fontrodona, and A. Llobet. Dalton Trans., 40, 3640‐3646 (2011).

8.- Structure‐Guided redesign of D‐Fructose‐6‐Phosphate Aldolase from E.Coli: Remarkable activity and selectivity towards acceptor substrates by two‐point mutation, M. Gutierrez, T. Parella, J. Joglar, J. Bujons, and P. Clapés, Chem. Commun., 47, 5762‐5764 (2011).

9.- New Ru(II) Complexes Containing oxazoline ligands as epoxidation catalysts. Influence of the substituents inthe catalytic performance, I. Serrano, M.I. López, I. Ferrer, A. Poater, T. Parella, X. Fontrodona, M. Solà, A. Llobet, M. Rodríguez, and I. Romero, Inorganic Chem., 50, 6044‐6054 (2011).

10.- A Double‐selective SELINCOR experiment for accurate measurement of long‐range coupling constants between protons and non‐protonated carbons, J. F. Espinosa, P. Vidal, T. Parella, and S. Gil, Magn. Reson. Chem., 49, 502‐507 (2011).

11.- Functionalization of the 3‐position of thiophene abnnd Benzo[b]‐thiophene moieties by palladium‐catalyzed C‐C Bond forming reactions using diazonium salts, M. Raduán, J. Padrosa, A. Pla‐Quintana, T. Parella and A. Roglans, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 353, 2003‐2012 (2011).

12 .- Intramolecular [2+2+2] cycloisomerizations of yne‐yne‐ene and yne‐ene‐yne enediynes catalyzed by Rh(I): Experimental and theoretical mechanistic studies, A. Dachs, A. Pla‐ Quintana, T. Parella, M. Solà. and A. Roglans, Chem. Eur. J., 17, 14493‐15007 (2011).

13.- Highly Efficient Aldol additions of DHA and DHAP to N‐Cbz‐Amino aldehydes catalyzed by L‐Rhamnulose‐1‐Phosphate and L‐Fuculose‐1‐Phosphate Aldolases in aqueous Borate Buffer, X. Garrabou, J. Joglar, T. Parella, J. Bujons, and P. Clapés. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 9, 8430‐8436 (2011).

14.- Accurate Measurement of Small heteronuclear Coupling Constants from Pure‐Phase a/b HSQMBC cross peaks, S. Gil, J. F. Espinosa, and T. Parella, J. Magn. Reson., 213, 145‐150 (2011).

15.- Experimental Evidence of Na(2)[B(12)H(12)] and Na Formation in the Desorption Pathway of the 2NaBH(4) + MgH(2) System. Garroni Sebastiano; Milanese Chiara; Pottmaier Daphiny; Nolis, P. et al. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 115 Issue: 33 Pages: 16664‐16671 DOI: 10.1021/jp202341j Published: AUG 25 2011.

16.- Synthesis and structural study of highly constrained hybrid cyclobutane‐proline gamma,gamma‐peptides. Gutierrez‐Abad R.; Carbajo D.; Nolis P.; et al. AMINO ACIDS Volume: 41 Issue: 3 Pages: 673‐686 DOI: 10.1007/s00726‐011‐0912‐4 Published: AUG 2011.

17.- Activation of the reactive hydride composite 2NaBH(4) + MgH(2). Pistidda C.; Barkhordarian G.; Rzeszutek A.; Nolis, P. et al. SCRIPTA MATERIALIA Volume: 64 Issue: 11 Pages: 1035‐1038 DOI: 10.1016/j.scriptamat.2011.02.017 Published: JUN 2011

18.- Self‐Assembly of Chiral trans‐Cyclobutane‐Containing beta‐Dipeptides into Ordered Aggregates. Gorrea E.; Nolis P.; Torres E.; et al. CHEMISTRY‐A EUROPEAN JOURNAL Volume: 17 Issue: 16 Pages: 4588‐4597 DOI: 10.1002/chem.201002193 Published: APR 2011

19.- Revisited mycolic acid pattern of Mycobacterium confluentis usig thin‐layer chromatography. Journal of Chromatography B 2011, 879(26):2821‐6. S. Secanella‐Fandos, M. Luquin, M. Pérez‐Trujillo, E. Julián. DOI:10.1016/j.jchromb.2011.08.001

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