Fons d'Història Local de Catalunya

Fons d'Història local de Catalunya

A bibliographical database on History of Catalonia

The Fons d’Història Local de Catalunya (FONSHL) is a free access bibliographic catalog on History of Catalonia. The FONSHL was produced by the UAB's Servei de Documentació d'Història Local de Catalunya (SDHLC) under the direction of professor Dr. Borja de Riquer for 25 years.
Since April 2012 the FONSHL has became the responsabilty of the History section of SIBHIL·LA, a new UAB's technical and scientific service.

Nowadays FONSHL contains more than 167.690 bibliographical references. These references have been selected in general and university libraries, museums, archives and local information centres of Catalonia. It also has references of journal articles on Catalonia from Spanish scientific journals that were provided, thanks to an agreement, by the CINDOC (CSIC), and other references that came from 13 local and regional databases developed by the SDHLC.

What FONSHL contains?

Type of materials

o Books and unpublished manuscripts
o Local journals
o Journal articles
o Component parts (chapters, congress proceedings)
o Other non book materials (sound recordings, audiovisuals, computer files, etc.)

 Type of documents

o Historiography and scientific studies
o Theses and dissertations
o Didactic materials and instructional guides
o Congress Proceedings
o Grey literature
o Biographies and memoires of Catalan people

Dades sobre el FONSHL (abril 2018)
Tipologia documental Referències
Monografies 81.742
Monografies (+ 50 p.) 48.084
Monografies (-50 p.) 33. 617
Monografies buidades 3.166
Inèdits 3.884
Parts de monografies 12.705
Capítols de llibres 6.410
Comunicacions/Ponències 6.295
Articles 67.597
Revistes 4.437
Tesis i treballs de recerca 4.705
Tesis doctorals 2.281
Treballs de recerca 2. 424
Material no text 8.402


Subject and geographic scope

FONSHL collects bibliographical references on the disciplines of history, humanities and social sciences and covers a variety of subjects: politics, society, geography, economy, religion, culture, art, education, etc., without chronological restrictions (there are references from Prehistory to Contemporary history)

The geographical scope is Catalonia, from a historical, political and administrative point of view: Municipalities (or its parts as: boroughs, parishes), “comarques” (Catalan administrative counties), natural regions (natural parks, mountain ranges..), provinces and other administrative and territorial divisions, current or historical (dioceses, “corregiments” or counties)

Bibliographical information

The bibliographical references contain the following information:

- The bibliographic description: following the ISBD rules (title, authors, publication, physical description, series, notes...)

- The content description, covering the following areas:

Geographic subject. The geographic scope of the information of the books,  whether they be administrative divisions (municipalities, “comarques”, provinces, boroughs), religious divisions (dioceses, parishes), geographic features (rivers, mountain ranges, natural parks) or historical divisions (former municipalities, counties, baronies)

Period of time: The chronologic scope of the document content.

Subject terms: The terms that describe the subjects covered by the document. These terms are collected in the Tesaurus d’Història de Catalunya (History of Catalonia Thesaurus)

Personal names (name of persons when they are the subject (as in biographies and memories)

o Coroporate names (name of organizations or corporations when they are the subject (annual reports, regulations...)

- Abstract if available

- Electronic location and access The path to locate and access an electronic version of the bibliographic record

- Location: Libraries or information centres where the document can be found



>Given its multidisciplinary character FONSHL will be useful to a variety of users: University professors, researchers, graduate students or local historians (scientific studies), teachers and students of primary and secondary schools (didactic materials) local organizations (annual reports, statistics), cultural associations and societies (popular traditions, art exhibitions, sports), and to anyone interested in the past of its municipality or county.



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