SIBHIL·LA provides specialised technical services to university students, researchers academic staff and to external users:


Customized research services

We provide a Customized database expert search services addressed to University students, teachers and researchers, information centres and external users


Design of cultural products and knowledge transfer with the retrieved information of our databases


          .  Design and development of thematic databases

          .  Thematic bibliographies.


Resources for Researchers

Technical support, advice, design and implementation of documental and bibliographical projects

     .  Design of bibliographical and documental databases

     .  Database maintenance training programs

     .  Development of customized interfaces to present research results

     .  Design and development of Web pages for research groups and historical events (celebrations, conferences, year's anniversaries) in Drupal following the patterns and models defined by the OAID office


►Information science advising services

       . Advise on the organization and analysis of information sources

      . Development of retrieval languages, controlled vocabularies and thesaurus


If you want more information about our services, please contact us by mail: or by phone: +34 93 581 2537 / +34 93 581 2373

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