We offer a diverse range of activities and services directed toward processing and analyzing geologic samples for paleoenvironmental reconstructions, generally on climate and oceanographic conditions, but also on terrestrial systems as well. We further direct efforts toward modern validation and calibration studies of this kind. Beyond the contact person below, the service is also led by Dr. Patrizia Ziveri.


  • Sediment processing and sieving for microfossil separation (4 € / sample).
  • Cleaning of carbonate materials for trace elemental analyses, under laminar flow conditions (11 € / sample).
  • Trace and minor elemental analyses via quadrupole ICP-MS (operated by SAQ).
  • Sample preparation and analyses for stable isotopes of carbonates and water samples (d18O, d13C; in connection with the TierraTop isotope facility at the UAB.
  • Automated image analyses of nannofossil and microfossil assemblages (6 € / sample).
  • Climate and paleoceanographic reconstructions based on inorganic geochemical and micropaleontological techniques.
  • Properties of interest are sea surface temperature (SST), salinity, nutrients, circulation, carbonate chemistry (pH), and more from past oceanic environments.
  • Biostratigraphic sequence development via d18O techniques.
  • Elemental and isotopic method development and proxy validation / calibration from modern materials as well (both marine and freshwater carbonates).
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