• Capture and digitization of images of different types (paper documents, slides, photographs, radiographs, laboratory samples, microscopic images, etc..), in black and white or color.

  • Digitization and digital video editing.

  • Use of image analysis software and image processing software to realise applications (Visilog, ViLi).

  • Photographic quality printing.

  • Poster Printing in color on plain paper or photo, up to size DIN-A0 + (inkjet plotter).

  •  Poster printing in textile.

  • Special printing of covers and publications.

  • Scanning objects in order to obtain its 3D digital model (in this video you can see the initial scanning data before its post-processing).

  • Printing of 3D objects, obtained from a previous scan or from a file generated using a 3D editor.

  • Generation and printing of 3D models using a serie of images from a X-ray Computed Tomography in DICOM format or others with enough quality (Example: brain in 3D from a X-ray Computed Tomography).

  • Pay for use of our eyetrackers with basic support.

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