• Pdf document, how to generate a pdf from a poster to check printing problems:

    • En Català (convertir un pòster a pdf per a previsualitzar possibles problemes d'impressió)

    • En Castellano (realizar un pdf del póster para ver posibles problemas de impresión)

  • Tips to make pósters:

    • The maximum slide size allowed by powerpoint 2003 is 142cm but just 135cm can be printed (in powerpoint 2007 the 142cm are printable).

    • Transparencies made with powerpoint can't be printed correctly, when you generate the pdf it will look latticed (dotted) and that's how will look when is printed, we recommend to use colors without transparency or make it with another software ( like Photoshop).

    • Usually we have two roll sizes, 90cm (36 inches) and 105cm (42 inches). Try to adapt the width or the height of your poster into one of this two sizes and it will be printed quickly and easily.

    • If you use an uncommon font, bring it to us, so we will be able to install it in our computer and your poster will look like it should be.

    • The most used file format to make a poster is powerpoint, but we can also print PDFs, CorelDraw12, Photoshop, images... but its size and quality have to be good enough.

    • To print into uncommon media (vinyl, canvas...) ask us for its availability.

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